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A dipole of dipole moment vecp...

A dipole of dipole moment `vecp=phati` lies along the x -axis in a non-uniform electric field `vecE=(c)/(x)hati` . The force acting on the dipole is


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Updated On: 27-06-2022

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Answer : B


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Hello Point a dipole of dipole moment P is equal to ICAP lies along x axis in non uniform electric field force acting on the dipole if you see this is the dipole and this is the electric field if the electric field uniform then the net force will be zero because we know that the dipole is nothing but two charges of opposite polarity B A magnitude kept you distance apart but here the field is not uniform what will happen if you listen this is the minus minus Q charge and this is the + Q charge and the distance between them is so small what will happen that force experienced by this minus Q charge lesser the electric field is in this direction so the force experienced by listed is minus Q is in

this direction let's say it is but here what will happen it will increases or decreases by some amount less send it in increases by D it will be you can see the net force is there enlisted the distance between them is so you can see the net force on this dipole system you can get it if you see this diagram so it will be if net is equals to PQ + - That is this is the net force on it this will be so small light year

now latest calculate the small change the rate that will happen because of this small displacement if you see the function is given it is tx2 I will I doubt is equals to see by X so if I differentiate I will write d by DX is equal to minus 3 x square minus x square with a negative sign so if you see here we got the change in this is equals to and here the distance between the dipole is the small displacement will be equals to you can put the value now in this equation the small force that will act on this dipole you can put the value in this equation and you will get the site so I will write

down the street is equal to 2 x of the change in electric field we are only talking about the magnitude right to change in magnetic field change in electric field will be this and this is equals to the displacement is equals to the distance between the charges that is so you into ISP so PC by x square will be the magnitude of the force that will act on it and answer of this talk about the direction you can still hear the electric field decreases with increase in X negative what will happen the positive charge is there the positive charge will experience less force than the negative charge so the net force will be in this direction if you see this is e - D and this is it into

Q2 net force will be directed negative acceleration it will be minus ICAP direction option near -1 ICAP PC by x square Sahab is the correct one thank you