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Electrostatics And Gauss Law


A dipole of dipole moment P is...

A dipole of dipole moment `P` is kept at the centre of a ring of radius `R` and charge `Q` the dipole moment has direction along the ring due to the dipole is :


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Updated On: 27-06-2022

Text Solution

zero`(kpQ)/(R^(3))``(2kpQ)/(R^(3))``(kpQ)/(R^(3))` only if the change is uniformly distributed on the ring .

Answer : B
Solution : Electric field at each point on the surface of ring due to the dipole is `E=(kp)/(R^(3))` in direction opposite to the dipole moments .(figure below) <br> Hence net force on ring is `F=QE=(kpQ)/(R^(3))` <br> Alternate solution <br> Electric field due to ring at point`P` on its axis at a distance `x` from the centre `O` of the ring is <br> `E=k.(Qx)/((x^(2)+R^(2))^(3//2)),(dE)/(dx)]_(at x=0)=(kQ)/(R^(3))` <br> Force on dipole =`(dE)/(dx)=(kQp)/(R^(3))`


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