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A cylindrical tank has a hole ...

A cylindrical tank has a hole of diameter 2r in its bottom. The hole is covered wooden cylindrical block of diameter 4r, height h and density `rho//3`. <br> <img src="https://d10lpgp6xz60nq.cloudfront.net/physics_images/JMA_MPSF_C08_046_Q01.png" width="80%"> <br> Situation I: Initially, the tank is filled with water of density `rho` to a height such that the height of water above the top of the block is `h_1` (measured from the top of the block). <br> Situation II: The water is removed from the tank to a height `h_2` (measured from the bottom of the block), as shown in the figure. The height `h_2` is smaller than h (height of the block) and thus the block is exposed to the atmosphere. <br> Find the minimum value of height `h_1` (in situation 1), for which the block just starts to move up?


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Updated On: 27-06-2022

Text Solution


Answer : B
Solution : Again considering equilibrium of wooden block <br> Total downward force `=`Total upwards Wt. of block `+` force due to atmospheric pressure `=` Force due to pressure of liquid `+` Force due to atmospheric pressure <br> `pi(16r^(2))rho/3+g+P_(0)pixx16r^(2)` <br> `=[h_(2)rhog+p_(0)]pi[16-4r^(2)]+P_(0)xx4r^(2)` <br> `pi(16r^(2))hrho/g g=h_(2)rhogxxpix12r^(2)` <br> `16 h/3 =12h_(2)` <br> `impliesh_(2)=4/9h`


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so this question we are given length equal to height H and density robot 3 initially the tank is filled with diameter of density rho the top of the block is H1 measured from the top of the water is removed from the bottom of the smaller than that of the block and the popular Indian given with this forum

we can write pressure at the top of the what is the pressure at there for weekend at 4 at this topic so we can write equal to pressure is P ATM pressure of the liquid column datastage one row into area of radius radius 2r what's up now at the bottom we can see here the force is we can see that 14 in between and the pressure to column will be there so

into ATM into Paytm conditional blind so we can write it is our and four pressure weekend it is a plus Roji H plus H1 Rose into Pi tour square that we like download that is of M and F

due to wait equals to mc square that is topper so Pintu pottum to populate download in water for select for directions to we can solve this equation put the value in this equation aap plus equal to what are the density of water in given to us by 3 and its volume is fire spirit and cheese you want to be converted

into MG without gear S3 people to Airport number please but ATM pious ka Plus Roji m to minus square we can do one thing we can cancel

it will take Paytm on the other sites to see every question will look like this that is forest fire robot 3 bi G minus plus SBI ATM minus x square into one thing in take two if we can solve this equation date is

whip dated square minus actual RO call to ATM -3 are sofa now we will do one thing so what we can do Paytm -80 immunity it will be a square + b square I think

there is written by me so I am doing some characters wait a University Susti same time people Tahir so think that there will be also PTM because we are taking from pressure from ATM Plus it is correct so I will do correction in all the equation it's only some different 28 near ATM now afterwards now I will let in this equation only De ATM 30 para plus

ATM YouTube now we can do one thing that cancel out this this is getting kitchen of getting Roj Roj Roj route so second option is the right thank you

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