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Class 11






Rotational Mechanics


A cylinder rolls on a horizont...

Updated On: 27-06-2022

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Solution : A cylinder rolls in a horizontal plane having centre velocity 25 m/s. At its age the velocity is due ot its rotaton as well as due to its linear motiN/Adn this tow velocities ae same and act in the same direction `(v=romega)` <br> therefore Net velocity at `V_A=V_C+romega` <br> `=25+25=50m/s` <br><img src="" width="80%">

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hello Ravana cylinder rolls on a horizontal plane surface if the speed of the centre is given here is 25 metre per second what is the speed of the highest point so it is given that the cylinder is rolling on a horizontal surface if you see less suppose this is the cylindrical surface and it is rolling on the sphere 35 talk about this point contact point contact point is a point on ground is be and it is given that the centre is moving with a velocity of 25 metre per second

so if you see her it is rolling it rules so so the point they will have the same velocity as that of point B rate so because of the translation let suppose this is having V velocity in forward direction as that of sitar and this must be rotating also with Omega and the radius is R then the rotation because of the rotation it will gain Omega in this direction I will write V - Omega is the velocity of a is equals to velocity of B which is zero if UCB point is on the ground right ok so from here that we is equals to make and if you see here we in the question it is asked that what is the velocity of the highest point rate for highest point at highest point because of the mass velocity it will gain a

velocity in forward direction like this if you see because of rotation it will gain Omega velocity again it in this direction about the net velocity of this point P then the net velocity of point P will be equals to V please Omega since both are in same direction day show me the quality calculated since it is performing pure ruling then Omega is equals to be the topmost point will have a velocity 2v and we is 25 so to into 25 that is 50 metre per second will be the first to see the question the question please ask that what is the speed of the highest point and that is 50 metre per second thank you

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