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Class 12






Neet Mock Test 13


A current I = 10 sin (100pi t)...

Updated On: 27-06-2022

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Text Solution

5 mH10 mH15 mH20 mH

Answer : A

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hello students the question is a current I then the mutual inductance between that and because of an EMF induced in the second called as that general equation of a

equals to 10 mph ok while Omega will become is equals to 105 is given by means of induced in the second given by is equals to into we have to find the differentiation of these that is not sign Omega I not will be caused it is awesome it into derivative of Omega 3 will be women

The induced that is we will become equal to M not into Omega into cost of Omega induced near condition the value that is equal to one that we get the maximum will be is equals to mutual inductance m into INR into the required mutual inductance capital M will become is equals to / I

not into that we have 5 volt ok that is divided by anode is in into Omega we have 100 from here to cancel 52 Z and after simplifying it we get the point 5 into 10 raise to minus 2 and which we can also write as 5 million according to our sorry Jewel inductance between the call is capital in is equals to 5 and adding to your option will be required

thank you

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