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A cubical block is initially o...

A cubical block is initially on water such that its `(4)/(5)th` volume is submersed in water. Now oil is poured on water and when block attains equilibrium its half volume is in water and half volume is in oil. The relative density of oil is:


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Updated On: 27-06-2022

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Answer : B


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the problem of cubical block is initially water such that a step volume is someone in the water no oil is put on the water and when blocked attend the equilibrium position it how volume is inside the water and half body is in the early so we have to what is the relative density of the let's understand the concept in the first his letter support we have a few and it is placed in the water such that and the volume of the cube is let city and density of the is let's Roop represent the density of what is given to us it's 45 volume is inside the water that mean if this is the water volume

is this position this cube is in equilibrium so we can write the forces MG should be balanced with a bi at how do we write the MG MG can be written density of the block that it that is density of the cube into volume of the cube which is how to write the buying process by a force f is equal to density of the liquid is the density of the two volume of the liquid displaced so how much sleep how much volume is this sporty by 5 that is body inside it is in equilibrium and force is equal to an equity is to root wn2

p55 in 2G is equal to volume of the cube is 4.5 times of density of the bottom now we know the density of the Q S when a point is put on the water then the cube is half the weight in the water and half double if the condition situations like if this is the water the point

super cube is half service in the water and half service in death by two volume is in the oil and be able to volume is in Jaipur B to B forces acting on the first one to the oil and another word into the water so that this is the point that this is the bind to the water and output would be the prophec necrophobic and write the total force would be ji soap and put to the oil + let's read what is the bite force due to the point that is density of the liquid which is true of the oil

that's what we have to find volume of the liquid is placed at the bottom of the block in the file path which is the by 2 into the intensity of the water that is density of the water is rude apni volume of the request is placed at the volume of the block in the water but which is again 3 by 2 into that should be created with added to g&s what the duty of the block at what we can write Rouge 4 by 5 Pro w intensity into volume which is b and b is equals to RO water that is 45 - 1 by 2

Dead Trigger 8.3 button of the water and supervision of the oil of the water is what people and density of the liquid with respect to water is what we call is the relative density so that a relative density of the three person so that we can choose option we should be right with answers

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