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Rotational Motion


A cube is pplaced on an inclin...

A cube is pplaced on an inclined plane of inclinbation `theta` as shown in figure. Cofficent of friction br=etween the cube and the plane is `mu`. As the angle `theta` is gradually increased, the cube slides before toppling if <br> <img src="https://d10lpgp6xz60nq.cloudfront.net/physics_images/MPP_PHY_C08_E01_091_Q01.png" width="80%">


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Updated On: 27-06-2022

Text Solution

`mugt1``mugt1/2``mult1`None of the above

Answer : C


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explain this question in the question is a cube is placed on incline plane of inclination theta is shown in the figure the coefficient of friction between the cube and the plan is new is the angle between the Kyon slides report offering it is basically asking what will be the condition to draw a video with diagram so this is our block ok the MG will be at the centre of mass pet and toppling will occur when this force like within the normal is like it vtop11 like this it will topper total life is a normal actually at the world office contact normal and frictional also ok

cause it's about to topple the everything will be found this point it around the corner of the bathroom and also the only way I can not open in the top by the gravity that is energy balances the two components MG cos theta and one component will be any time at the end I will try to rotate the block is direction and MG for this point I will try to rotate in distress caused it to talk by MG cost is greater than any condition this will be any family sin theta sin theta increases then

greater is greater than MG cos theta top then it will stop so4 not talking we can say for of MG cos theta should be greater than equal to Torque of mg OK what will be the talk of this is the cube root of MG cost it will simply NG cos theta X upon to write that is a perpendicular distance from you is used and reaches a point to Singrauli distance between also a point to this should be greater than equal to sin theta X upon to give sir MG MG millet cancel a point to a point you will get cancelled if cos theta is greater than equal to sin theta tan theta is less than equal to what this condition in order to block to not

ok so aur answer key 10th it is less than 1 this is a condition we got hood time now we need to find friction it in terms of the question is asking about in terms of you right so we need to find also in terms of new ok on you will need not opening Vinod mg and component of the block is not talking like so this is our blog if it is not opening it will definitely slide along this hate this will definitely slide along with so that the component analysis any condition and there is a friction in the backward Direction This MD sin theta should always be greater than equal to friction ok this should be true as long as the Block with lady so we will get MG sin theta is greater than equal to new energy cost data

at mirinji new and normal normal assembly cos theta this gives 10 theta tan theta is greater than equal to Mu ok so 10 theta will always be greater than you do in this case we can say standard size of greater than you Yashoda meaning for like for limiting condition 10th I will be knew it would you will get new is equal to less than 14 limiting conditioner can say you will be less than all like ITE ise let maximum allowed value of tan theta 1 question 1 Hindi equation to show from here we can say maximum allowed value of tan theta is one from this occasion we can say maximum allowed window News

Live OK so aur answer will be option option C type ok explanation of industry

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