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A convex lens (f=20cm) is plac...

A convex lens `(f=20cm)` is placed at `80 cm` from a concave mirror. An object is placed at `30 cm` in front of the lens such that position of its final image is same with or without the mirror. The maximum distance of object and mirror for a virtual image to be formed if only mirror is present is: <br> <img src="" width="80%">

Updated On: 27-06-2022


Text Solution

`10 cm``20 cm``30 cm``50 cm`

Answer : A


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hello everyone it's rather questions questions is that a convex lens of focal length 20 cm is placed at 80 cm from the concave mirror when object is placed at 30 cm in front of the lens that question of its final image is same with or without the mirror the maximum distance of object and mirror virtual image to be formed only mirror is present and options are given 10 cm and 20 cm and 13 cm and area we see that when the lens when the lens is used then the position of figure is ok the final image will be without without mirror if you use the lens formula images for

over here then the formula for lens that is one why we minus 1 equal to 1 by have one so one my way equal to 1 by app you can you if we write B then it will be equal to App you / have love you know something the value is given as 20 so we can write 20 and now if you we see that when will the lens convex lens if we move from measure from left right through the miners and write it in the class to the object is

yeah we can write 20 + - 38 B equal to 6610 and this will be 60 CM so we got prequel to 60 and now it is it is it is having the major in the right direction if we move 3660 was right then the rest will be 2020 GIF images from the mirror ok now in the question is given

the image the final image formed is seen with or without the mirror this can be only possible when image one is formed at radius of curvature of mirror ok if any object is at the radius of curvature now let's talk about concave mirror show in concave mirror object is placed at focus then there will be no image formation no image formation and if remove

focus to watch a virtual image virtual image and you if you move away from the mirror then it will be a real image in case of concave mirror but in the question is asked to find for virtual image show the maximum distance will be from the mirror be up to the ok ok so if you find the focus which is which is the top of the ratio of radius of curvature ok if you find the focus then it would be the maximum distance for virtual image so we found we already found that the radius of curvature is 20cm because here we see that and the image

phone is same with or without the mirror so it it can only possible when the object is at radius of curvature radius 20 CM ok now if you put the value here that will be 22 at is to focus of concave mirror is 10 cm which will be somewhere here and if you move towards mirror then quickly and virtual image and it will also it and if we move from left side or away from the real image to the maximum the distance at which the mirror will will produce

we can right maximum distance maximum distance is maximum distance is in so correct option is tension thank you

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