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Class 12






Gaseous State & Thermodynamics


A container of volume 4V_(0) m...

Updated On: 20-06-2022

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`(205 P_0 V_0)/(27 R)``(P_0 V_0)/R``(105 P_0 V_0)/(13R)`None of these

Answer : A
Solution : Process in C adiabatic <br> `P_0 V_0^(3//2) = ((125)/27 P_0)" "rArr " "V_C=((27)/(125))^(2//3) V_0 rArr V_C = 9/25 V_0` <br> `T_0 V_0^(1//2) = T_(C) (9/25 V_0)^(1//2)" "rArr" "T_C =5/3 T_0 rArr T_C =(5 P_0 V_0)/(3R)`

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a container of volume for not made of a non conducting material is divided into two equal parts that Wall whose role of non conducting and operates the product inductance that this is acting and this is the non conducting to the right side wall is divided into equal parts names are initially is a non conducting wires of equal to 1.55 m in left is switched on 15 upon 2017 aur calculate the question that we have to find

advice M and firstly this is this part we have to find the search funny press up to equal to 12527 can also be have to Heater to hear this three-part Anokhi l hear the captain of uterus here on this is a movable and this is a purely adiabatic process of u in case of B and right for the process associate editor and writer is equal to speak and write this is the P not we not is equal to 1 bit and byte is equal to p1p not and if value is equal to

Payal upon 27 calculate this term we not BC 121 try to disturb 125 upon 27 and it will come to y3 after calculating disturb will come 25/9 now here it is equal to 25 upon 9b not similarly we have to find bb&t volume some so that is equal to to be not a so here we can write a b is equal to volume of cube is equal to two not -20 and this is equal to to be not -19

MT 25 and after calculating v b is equal to to be not after calculating with equal to 1 upon 25 not not sure we can apply for this part I will gasification part of a part of the week and writer in part of the uses of habit Android TV not be not is equal to Aarti not is used at party social rupees not be not is equal to Aarti not and hearing about it is difficult to not be not upon are similarly user identification part 32 bit Android

PC Veer t is equal and R T C is equal to 1 upon our and here and it can put the value this term is equal to 125 upon 27 not into 25 we not upon are equal to P not be not upon 3 are equal to 5 not be not a week and write a this isn't it is equal to 5 not be upon 3 are similarly the temperature of

is equal to between A and B college conducting software-defined temperature temperature in the temperature of a pig is upon us and our and n is equal to 17 habit and write a balancing 12527 cannot answer 41 upon 25b not upon our TV is equal to 205 upon happy not be not or that this is equal to

the all values we have calculated on your behalf to find the heat supplied by supplied by 120 not applied by outside at heater slider heater that seeks to wall and therefore this is this is a moment of this event was held at work done by gas hair and work done on gas is there was harder cancel out that heat energy in part a data hi to be have to calculate here to be right is equal to you can hear the cube is equal to part A B C for hair and a CA

and here and we might not and their similarly and se data Android equal to 2.2 and their 05711 P not be not 1.2 a D'Souza 205 27 - 13 not we not perceive a bit and write this is 1.2 year or not

what are -8 we not like this calculate the distance here it is equal to topi not be not and cal 2178 to upon 27 come 178 upon 27 and equal to 2 by 3 Now after calculating disturb will come 368 upon not be not this solution and this is the heat is supplied by thank you

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