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Class 12






Self Assessment Paper 10


A coil having self-inductance ...

Updated On: 27-06-2022

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Solution : Use the LR-circuit concept, then calculate `X_(L)=2pif,Z=sqrt(R^(2)+X_(L)^(2))` and I.

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today question is having self inductance of 0.7 and resistance 165 ohm is connected to an AC source of 225 volt calculate first reactance of the coil S impedance of the current flowing through the point was given the value of self inductance which is 0.793 also from question we are given the value of resistance which is 165 Sofia given in the question about an AC source of voltage 225 v and frequency of the 63rd ok now to find reactance of the Koi OK you know that that reactance of the Koyal is what

is equal to 2 by f l ok put all the value is what real is reactance Teen Titans self inductance photo you want to say that every value pm 25 and 22 by 7 frequency which is 50 and which is 0.7 solving we have 221 this is the reactor sorry this is not a factor test is self inductance cannot second year to find the value of Impedance impedance Z

impedance is equal to under root of our square + Excel customer ok now we know that what is Rs 16565 accessories 220 ohm resistor 220 for the following we have Z is equal to 275 ok Nau Nau third point current flowing through the coil current flowing through the coil I is equal to teacher in AC circuit OK what is 225 vote ok Jet is impedance and impedance is 235 cancellation 1 a

so this is a required after thank you guys


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