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A closed vessel contains 0.1 ...

A closed vessel contains 0.1 mole of a monatomic ideal gas at 200k . If 0.05 mole of the same gas at 400 K is added to it , the final equilibrium temperature (in K ) of the gas in the vessel will be close to ...............


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Updated On: 27-06-2022

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Answer : 266


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hello everyone a closed vessel contain point one mole of monoatomic gas as 200 K if point zero 5 mole of a gas at 400 kelvin is added to it you have to find out the final temperature in kelvin initially point one mole of monoatomic gas at 200 K and point zero 5 mole of the same gas at 400 Kelvin mixed and yet to find out the final temperature today service point 1 mole and temperature here is one is equals to 200 cal and t2 equal to if you see it is given As 400 Kelvin and the number of mole and two squares 2.05 and this is the final temperature which you have to

and here are the number of moles will be the summation of these two so and oneplus and to if you do you will get to your to find out that it here if I see your internal energy of the gas is born team here at 35 right internal energy of this you 1 is equals to F by 2 and 1 hour and internal energy of this and two more I will write to you to is equals to F2 and to this end after mixing you will get the you final is equals to and oneplus and to his answer why we write F2 and it will remain conserve so I will let you is caused to you oneplus you to do just put the value of you when you to induce

F2 and T is equals to this + 1 by 2 rate so you can cancel out this FB to RF by To Aaye by to work so you will get point to 15 is a number of mole of this final mixture into the temperature is caused to and 18 to 30 in QC 8.1 into 204.1 into 200 + 4.05 into the temperature of this gas is 400 Kelvin Sudhir Suri 20 plus if you if you solve this you will get 500 so you will get 20 again and it is equals to

15 into t this is 40 sunao you will write temperature of the final measure is equals to 40 / 15 in 203 and this will be 88 25 40 and 3 into 5 is 1550 will solve this will get the final temperature as 800/3 it will be to 66.67 K and this will be your answer you can also approximately write it as 267 cal