A circular loop has a radius of `5 cm` and it is carrying a current of `0.1 amp`. It magneitc moment is

Updated On: 17-04-2022

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(a)`1.32xx10^(-4)amp-m^(2)` (b)`2.62xx10^(-4)amp-m^(2)` (c)`5.25xx10^(-4)amp-m^(2)` (d)`7.85xx10^(-4)amp-m^(2)`

Answer :


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hello students to devar question is a circular loop has radius 5 cm and it is carrying a current of 0.1 ampere and its magnetic moment is so we have a b c d option is given here so we have to mind which option is correct for the solution of this question is we have the radius R is given to us and we have a circular loop of radius 5 cm and we have the current and we have the current that is why is equals to 0.1 a week and convert it into the matter as our answer is in the M so this is 5 / 100 this is equals to 0.05 M here so from this we can write a h magnetic moment is equals to

moment is equal to current that is eye and a area so we have area of circular loop is equals to bi R square so we have the by and Rs 0.05 and this is in square so we have the area is current into areas so this is my into a year so if you find the magnetic moment so we can ride this we have the current is given to us 0.1 a year and we have pi and this is 5 is 25 and this is 10 power for hair as 5 square is this and from this we can write their magnetic moment is

we put the value of pi here so we know that price 22 divided by 7 and this is 25 and this is 10 power minus 4 Sone solving this get magnetic moment is 7.85 into 10 into 10 power 4 minus phone and this is a m square so now we check which option is correct so our auction will be correct year thank you

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