A circular disc of moment of inertia It is rotating in a horizontal plane about its symmetry axis with a constant angular velocity ωi. Another disc of moment of inertia Ib is dropped co-axially onto the rotating disc. Initially, the second disc has zero angular speed. Eventually, both the discs rotate with a constant angular speed ωf. Calculate the energy lost by the initially rotating disc due to friction.


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Updated On: 27-06-2022

Text Solution

Here, Ii=It
Let ωi be the initial angular speed
Let ωf be the final angular speed of the system.
According to the law of conservation of angular momentum,
ωf=ItωiIt+Ib ..(i)
Energy lost =KfKi=12Ifω2f12Iiω2i
using (i),we get
Energy lost =12(It+Ib)(ItωiIt+Ib)212Itω2i
Energy lost =12Ibωiωf [using (i)]


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