A choke coil has.

Updated On: 17-04-2022

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low inductance and low resistancehigh inductance and high resistancelow inductance and high resistancehigh inductance and low resistance

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hello everyone gets all the question the questions is age of Queen has so in this question we are given for option option one is low inductance and low resistance option to is inductance and high Renaissance option 3 low inductance and resistance option for is high in the tense and low resistance so let's all this question to solve this question we need to understand what is why we are using choke coil uses of shop queen so we are using choke coil because number 1 we want low current in the circuit

so so we know that impedance of the circuit is given by Z is equal to square root of R square + X whole square so what is excel attendance inductive reactance so we know that inductive reactance is given by x is equal to omega and angular frequency and inductance so what will happen that that will be greater than our so it means that it will reduce current in the circuit because we know that current is given by current in a AC circuit is given by

video admin z z is the impedance so if Z is increased then current will be decreased which means that current in AC circuit will be less than current in DC circuit so sunao aur first time which is low current in the circuit is will be achieved when the inductance which we which is l l will be greater so-hyun higher value so that women will be larger so it will provide higher Z and lower current

ok and what else we want to know so ok v v and S point the use of Queen is that we don't want to lose so much energy solar energy loss is less so what how we will achieve that so we know that if Z is higher then then energy loss will also be higher

so what does it mean we don't want to lose so much energy so so at the same time we want low current so we have increased Z but we don't want to increase that that much that it will look so much energy so how will that will be possible so we know that blood is given by R square + 1 whole square dial but we don't want to increase this that much so we have to decrease register we have to decrease resistance

so I will be late so which option is so it is high inductance but lowest density is option number 4 thank you

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