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A child pulls a toy car through a distance of 10 meters on a smooth, horizontal floor.
The string held in child's hand makes an angle of 60 with the horizontal surface. If the force applied by the child be 5 N, calculate the work done by the child in pulling the toy car.


Text Solution

The correct Answer is 25J
We will first draw the diagram for this problem. The toy car is moving along horizontal floor, so we draw a horizontal line OX to show the direction of motion of the toy car (see Figure 12). Now, the force of 5 N is applied along the string tied to the toy car making an angle of 60 with the floor. So, we draw another line OA making an angle of 60 with horizontal floor OX. In Figure 12 OX represents the direction of motion and OA represents the direction of force, the angle between them being 60 . Now, we know that the formula for work done when a body moves at an angle to the direction of force is :
Here, Force, F = 5 N
Angle, θ=60
And, Distance, s = 10 m
So, putting these values in the above formula, we get :
Work done, W=5×cos60×10
Now, if we look up the table of natural cosines, we will find that cos60=0.5. So putting this value of cos60 in the above relation, we get :
= 25 J
Thus, the work done is 25 joules.


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