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A charged particle revolves in...

Updated On: 27-06-2022

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kinetic energy of particle will become two timesradius in circular path will become two timesradius in circular path wil become `sqrt2` timesangular velocity will remain unchanged

Answer : A::C::D
Solution : `KE=qV` or `KEpropV` <br> `r=sqrt((2qVm))/(Bq)` or `rpropsqrtV` <br> `T=(2pim)/(Bq)` or `T` independent of `V`.

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student charged particle reverse in circular path in uniform magnetic field after accelerating by different we would choose the incorrect option B is doubled right to hear options is given png to the term which we have to find its kinetic energy is really a second in angular Pehle right now according to work energy theorem kinetic energy that is change in kinetic energy is equal

changing turn is as into 3 into this charge travelling in electric field is Q in to write and into this can be written as voltage upon distance CD will be cancelled or so finally worked Ton equal to Q change in kinetic energy also will be equal to give me to be healthy formula for kinetic energy this one right up against a kinetic energy is directly proportional to potential difference right

do when potential difference is doubled then we can take kinetic energy is also double right now adding to our first option kinetic energy of particle will become to time this option is correct we went particle moves in a circular path then it required is centripetal force to write to Maryland magnetic core balance so they both are equal of each other so we have the formula for centripetal put that is a square by

magnetic force is equal to Q V1 V2 the cancel out to be cancelled and is equal Hindi bike cute we have to find a way to show the term potential don't have any term for potential to will be no kinetic energy is equal to 1 by 2 and Square right we have kinetic energy is equal to Q we select put this equation is equal to MB formula we will be equal to under root 2

bhai ab positive value of P in equation 1 hour will be equal to under root 2 and 2 m cube to come here we can take it is proportional to root b b is potential difference is doubled and will be root to time ok not to them route to time option B will be incorrect

she will be correct let's talk about angular velocity formula for time period t is equal to 2 by B K V no one another for tea which is 2.5 Omega Omega angular velocity so it will be equal to b and q b 25 25 will be cancel out to finally Omega will be equal to q b upon according to this formula we can say is independent

from potential difference when we will be doubled so the potential story the angular velocity will remain constant and change this option will also be correct we have to find here in correct option which is beta answer will be the ok

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