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A charge q is placed at the ce...

Updated On: 27-06-2022


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Answer : A


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in this problem we have given that a charge Q is placed at the centre of the line joining two equal charges capital Q the system of the three charges will be in equilibrium if Q is equals to 2 we have given that there are two point charge capital q and along the line joining a third charge is placed at its Centre to consider datacenter third charge is placed to consider the distance between these two charges is l so this distance can be given as l upon to and this distance can be also given as l upon to ok now for equilibrium of the three charges considered the equilibrium of discharge to due to this discharge the force on this capital Q will be in this direction that is the repulsive force to this work this force is given as F1 to F12

can be given as ke into cube into Kyon upon L square ok and due to discharge the force will be a force will be in this direction to in that condition the net force is not zero so we have to change the nature of the third charge if discharge is of negative sign if the charge of negative sign then the force due to this both of discharge will be attractive to consider this force is given as F22 F2 will be equals to pay in tokio into small cube upon upon 2 whole square now for equilibrium of the three charges for equilibrium of for equilibrium of all three charges all three charges we can you can write F1 should be equals to F2

net force acting on the charge will be zero to we can write over here as ke into Q square upon L square will be equals to ke Kyon Kyon upon x square upon 42 elsewhere will cancel a square cable cancel k&q will cancel Q2 from here you will be capital Q will be equals to 4 times of you and in this way we can say that you will be equals to Capital Q upon 4 as the nature of charge of Q is negative charge Q is negative too few should be equal to minus 3 upon 4 that is the answer of this problem to check the option to minus 3 upon 4 is the correct answer that means of side a is correct thank you


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