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A charge q is placed at the centre of the line joining two equal charges Q. The system of the three charges will be in equilibrium if q is equal to:


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The correct Answer is D


so charge small to that is placed at the centre of the line joining the two equal charges capital tube and it is given that the system of the three charges will be in equilibrium if small cube is equal to 1 upon 2 minus 2 upon 2014 and minus 3 upon 4 OK so suppose this is charge capital q and discharge capital q and in between them this is charged a small you already influence on the system will be in equilibrium in case if there is any of the capital Q is a little bit of this distance is Literature stations is small and this whole distance is to ask ok
if this capital charge is in equilibrium then the whole system will remain in OK so the force on this capital Q because of this capital you will be like this let se ok because there's a way that you can say that should be attractive force ok instruction to balance the force of capital Q 16 so this distance is also are well equipped capital that you should be small cube OK will be upon at distances to are so it will be Four Square will be equal to now look small the value of a small to will be in the UK
of the chapter 2 that is if capital Q is positive then small should be negative discuss the nature of force between both the charges that is small and capital at that you can write as - of too small to Capital cube of on Earth distance between these two smaller you can cancel a small capital to account with negative sign so among these options will get option for that is minus 3 upon 4 as the correct answer this option for every correct answer that solve this question thank you


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