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A charge Q is distributed over two concentric hollow spheres of radii r and R(>r) such that the surface charge densities are equal. Find the potential at the common centre.



hello Vivah charge Q is distributed over two concentric hollow sphere of radius R and capital are such that the surface charge density are equal then potential at the common Centre so we know that on the surface of a sphere spiracle cell if the charges q and the radius is R the potential inside the surface on the software is equals to k u b r which is also equals to Sigma are bhaiya salana if you put the value of fuel cost 24 hour square into it is said that did to two squares have same surface charge density date and the total charges capital Q if you see the system is like this and hear
the inner professor have a radius smaller and outer surface having radius capital are so we know that at the centre centre is inside to this year survival rate Sigma are not because of the smallest fair and because of the biggest fear it will be this latest find out the value of surface charge density Sigma so it will be a total charge by total areas if you see the total area so the area of the smallest four smaller square and bigger is having area 45 chapter La square so this will be the Sigma so just put the value of Sigma in this expression this is equation 1 and this is occasion to so just put the value of Sigma in the equation 12 I will let potential at the centre is equals to Sigma x aplusr
bhaiya Salinas and Sigma is this so I will write Q R + 8 by 4 Pi Epsilon naught Pradesh will be the potential at the centre simple thank you


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