Updated on:26/04/2023

A charge Q is distributed over the surfaces of two concentric hollow spheres of radii r and R(R>>r) , such that their surface charge densities are equal . Derive the expression for the potential at the common centre.

Text Solution

As shown let charges on inner and outer spheres be Q1 and Q2 respectively , where Q1+Q2=Q
Let common surface charge density be σ , then
Q1=4πr2σ and Q2=4πR2σ
Thus , Q1=4πr2Q4π[r2+R2]=Qr2(r2+R2) and Q2=4πR2Q4π[r2+R2]=QR2(r2+R2)
Now potential at centre point O due to chargeQ1 on the hollow sphere of radius r is , V1=Q14π0r=Qr24π0r(r2+R2)=Qr4π0(r2+R2)
and potential at centre point O due to charge Q2 on the hollow sphere of radius R is , V2=Q24π0R=QR24π0R(r2+R2)=Q.R4π0(r2+R2)
Total potential at centre point O

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