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A certain species of ionized atoms produces emission line spectral accorduing to the Bohr's model. A group of lines in the spectrum is forming a series in which in the shortest wavelength is `22.79 nm` and the longest wavelength is `41.02 nm`. The atomic number of atom is `Z`. <br> Based on above information, answer the following question: <br> The series belongs to

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Answer :
Solution :
Let n be the lowest energy level of the given series of lines, then maximum wavelength is given by <br> `(hc)/(lambda_(max)) = 13.6 xx Z^(2) [(1)/(n^(2)) - (1)/((n + 1)^(2))]` <br> `(hc)/(lambda_(min)) = 136 xx Z^(2) [(1)/(n^(2)) - (1)/(oo^(2))]` <br> where `lambda_(max) = 41.02 nm and lambda_(min) = 22.79nm`. <br> Solving above equations, we get `n = 2`, which corresponds to Balmer series. <br> `Z = 4` <br> For next to longest wavelength, transition takes place from `n_(1) = 4 to n_(2) = 2`. <br> So, `(hc)/(lambda) = 13.6 xx 4^(2) [(1)/(4) - (1)/(16)]` <br> `:. lambda = 30.47 nm`


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hello everyone letter start with question in the question what is given a certain species of a nice atom produces a mission in emission line spectra according to the boss model ok now group of line spectra is forming series in which the shortest wavelength is what 22.7 I am longest wavelength is given as to be 41102 NM no no at atomic number is Z ok the number of atoms that based on the above information that we use this information we need to find to which this series belong to lyman series Barmer testino packet 6 ok how can we do this so we know that shortest wavelength would be the shortest wavelength and when will be the longest wavelength emitted so we know that for if you write for our long as people and world longest wavelength Lambda is maximum corresponding to win it would be corresponding to

minimum energy and win minimum energy would be emitted when the transition is for example from an equal to 2 + 1 ok for this case just between the adjacent to the corresponding transition energy would be minimum ok so we can say that it's siebel Lambda Max SCB Lambda Max ok this value would be equal to 13.6 window 13.6 into Z Square 1 divided by 9 Square from it is ending at in n square minus b is from n + 1 + 1 square ok this is the value this is our one equation know it is also given that corresponding to to the shortest wavelength is 22.7 947 similarly we can just right for shortest wavelength for shortest wash shortest wavelength

ok lamda lamda minimum corresponding to one when energy is what energy is maximum because then this is inversely proportional ok ok so these values are inversely proportional ok so that meet our energy would be maximum when the transmission and from we set an equal to N basically this is the initial level to the Infinity when this value for this value energy would be maximum ok from into Infinity ok now we can corresponding you can find that it see what I mean it would be equal to what it would be close to 13.6 Z Square 1 by n square minus 1 by infinity square ok Infinity square would be zero so this is our second equation so if it's all these two equations so if you divide

and minimum if you avoid these two equation 1 / to visit divided One by Two so and min bye sorry Lambda min bye Lambda max this value would turn out to be because they would get cancelled it would be in the numerator it would be 1 by n square minus 1 divided by 1 + 1 square ok / what should be the one by infinity would be zero so it would be just one bite square ok if you put the value of Lambda mean it is given as to be 22.7 9 / Lambda Max value given us to be 41.0 to this value would turn out to be so we can / and Square this value and face value so it would be one minus and / we can just take this to be a n + 1 square it like this ok if it's all this so the value of n / and + 1 square this value would turn out to be 0.44

ok that is corresponding to an and would be equal to N by N + 1 this value would be close to 0.667 something like this 0.667 so if this over and value would turn out to be approximately this would be close to 2nd cross to do this would be transition transaction is pending at any cost to do so for an equal to it is which city is it is the correct option and understood this solution thank you

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