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Nta Neet Test 22


A capacitor of capacity C is c...

A capacitor of capacity `C` is charged to a steady potential difference `V` and connected in series with an opne key and a pure resistor 'R'. At time `t = 0`, the key si closed. If `I =` current at time `t`, a plot of `log I` against 't' is as shown in `(1)` in the graph. Later one of the parametrs i.e. `V,R` or `C` is charged keeping the other two constant, and graph `(2)` is recored. then- <br> <img src="" width="80%">

Updated On: 27-06-2022


Text Solution

C is reducedC is increased R is reduced R is increased

Answer : B


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hello Ribbon letter start with the question in this question what is given that a capacitor of capacitance C capacity C is charged to a study of potential difference v and connected in series with an open ki a resistor R3 kosad Road ki is closed if I equal to the current at time T ok this is the current at at it and a plot of log IV St is in the graph one ok now l one of the parameter we are in C is keeping the other two constant so graph to is recorded for VR according to so this is recorded for the first situation or any of the one parameter ask vrc is changed the way to tell whether she is reduced or she is increase or visit our is reduced or Rs increase ok sexy driver circuit however said it would look like let's say this love circuit this say this is our capacitor and that's it is connected to a voltage ok this is our sister ok

so this is our are this is our and this is our ok so what is the maximum current that will go into the circuit Maximum current will be going when it would be having a conducting wire ok T20 of current I not this could be equal to / this window now during the time of chatting OK what is the correct expression current value is equal to I not this is the maximum current e to the power minus ok now this could be called as at this time constant what is the value of I not it is the maximum amount of current because this be divided by are the key to the power minus 3 / know if you take the Logon Ko the site of this expression ok which expression this expression was to be divided by r e to the power minus 1 divided by 8 if you take dog onto both side then it would be alone I just wanna be close to Ellen B / are and what is this so if you take the locks

it would be based Cup best would be alone we are taking natural ok so this is just right it would be LN e to the power minus 3 / RC this activity and this the power would be coming in with the coefficients - 3 / RC ok we know that this is a property of lord that for example the lock is written for example the base and this item is semen the power is a body moving in this would be in the coefficient and would be close to one ok so we have just returned from this expression for frequency that if you compare this with the expression y = 2 X + c ok so on the y-axis dear lottery 11 so this is our white on the clotting time so this would be our X OK it is my speak a then what is the fee is our intercept on the y-axis ok so Shiv which is the intercept on y-axis would be it was too if you compare this

this is our constant and it would be added the / are wiser compare this expression with H Lo so slope is minus 1 divided by 10 and from the graphics and we can conclude that the slope slope angle here if you check the angle angle obtuse it would be greater than 90 degrees so we can just say that this would be basically negative slope ok if it take the mode of our slow AP just take the model was low so it would be close to 1 / RC know which of the slope is Greater for example this is a first condition this is our second condition here the conditioner R1 v17 and hear the condition or two way to and C2 which is having a great escape from The Wicked shall we can figure out that this look is Greater the scope of this would be greater why because the angle between greater angle with respect to the for example if you are taking the angle we are already determined that it would be a negative value ok to negative value we can just take it to be the clockwise we can measure the angle clockwise to fig

this is having a British look ok no that means H M one would be greater than our m2m one would be greater than our M2 so we can just right and 1 / Avan Ivan would be greater than 1 / h Tu Hi To H cross multiply than r22 would be greater than R1 C1 ok no this is the value of this is basically connected with the voltage itself ok this circuit is connected with the same battery so the potential would be same so we can see that our viewers with him know if we see the starting point ok at this point the current for both the cases not this is our intercept on the y-axis ok that does low profile at the starting point is same for one and same for to show the intercept which is written at Ellen B / we can see this interceptor seem so we say that C1 is equal to 32 so we can say that we would be same potential will be sent because battery we are not changing / r18

it would be divided by 8 to so from here we can just figured out that there would be equal to our to so this is not what we put this into this expression then what we are getting so R1 and R2 would be cancel so we can say that it would be created it is the capacitors increase increase so this would be correct option no resistance is reduced this is wrong and this would also be long does it has increased by remaining sim would be the correct option thank you

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