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Class 12






Electric Current And Circuit


A capacitor of capacitance 10m...

Updated On: 27-06-2022


Text Solution

Solution : Here `C = 10muF`, `R = 2Omega, E = 5v, tau =RC = 2xx10xx10^(-6)` <br> `s =20 mus` <br> a. Current at` t = 20mu` s is <br> `I = (E )/(e )e^(9-t//tau) = (5)/(2) e^(-20//20) = (5)/(2e)` <br> Power delivered by battery is <br> `P_1 = EI =5xxx(5)/(2e) = (25)/(2e) =4.6W` <br> b. Power dissipated as heat is <br> `P_2 = I^2R = ((5)/(2e))^2 2 = (25)/(2e^2) = 1.7 W` <br> c. Energy on the capacitor is <br> `U = (q^(2))/(2C)` <br> Rate of energy stored in the capacitor is <br> `P_3 = (dU)/(dt) = (2q)/(2C)(dq)/(dt) = (q)/(C) (dp)/(dt) = (Q(1-e^(-t//tau)))/(C) I` <br> `= (EC)/(C)(1-e^(-t//tau)) I = EI(1 -e^(-t//tau))` <br> `=(5xx5)/(2e)(1-e^(-20//20))W =(25)/(2e) -(25)/(2e^2) = 2.9`


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hello everyone is trying to solve problems is that a capacitor of capacitance 10 microfarad is connected to the resistance of a battery of EMF 54 of negligible microsecond the circuit have to find the battery operated as we have to find energy rate of rate of energy stored in the liver can simply apply the formula

what is the voltage is charging that the total current unit find the I charging we know that to the power minus 1 divided by what we can write in place of Hai not not we can write it is equals to the maximum when divided by the power minus 1 divided by RC we know the value of in arduino the value of R value to substitute all these values and find out ICH ICH will be equals to how much will be equals to have been given as 5 v v not given

5 volt and the value is simply to own this is mentioned in the question to home now we have to substitute the values have been given a string S = 10 to the power minus 6 resistance is simply too and the capacitance is 10 microfarad 10 to the power minus 6 is get cancer list when this also gets cancelled or not we get there is 4.5 / point you can find out the power of the battery will be simply equals to be not into

we not described and ICSE 2019 to find the power in part 1 minute find out what is this is only disappointed in this resistance and if you want to find out the power dissipated in resistance can simply write it as I see who are already know I see a square this is 0.92 square and the resistance this resistance is given to us as we can write here as to home because this is this resistance only dissipates energy directly find out what is the

Nahin I need to find out what is the energy that is stored in what is the energy stored for energy stored in a way that the energy supplied by the battery equality and Total energy rate of dissipated find out what is applied by the battery minus dissipated this will give us our store 4.59 power dissipated will be 1.69

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