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A capacitor of 60 pF charged t...

A capacitor of 60 pF charged to 20 volt. Now battery is removed and then this capacitor is connected to another identical uncharged capacitor. Find heat loss in nJ

Updated On: 27-06-2022


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hello how are charged with 20 volt battery is removed and this capacitor is connected to another identical find the loss recording connected with 21 it will get some charges as well as energy what charge it will be getting queues is known as we survive 2016 latest tennis to power minus 12 into V voltage is 28 is 1200 into 10 raise to power minus 12 what will be its energy chemical energy and writing as half c&b square

fine hair I can write it is what it 60p corporate tennis to power minus 12 and voltage and writing as 12 now in other condition what it says battery is removed and another capacitor of same 6060 is there there there common potential in the common we common common is what if suppose this is we so this is Q total divided by total capacitance that is to see to totally for Q1 Santas of 1200 into 10 raise to power minus 12 another has 0 to 360

- 12 - 12 getting cancelled for free common comes out to be what 10 find it means we finally I can write it as be why and you final is washed twice of half cvv2 now what we have to find change in that is u i - 1st I can write half square minus twice or cv22 because it is 1025 if I solve this will be getting what this is getting cancelled out that is Chi square by putting all these values

like ciaz value of a given 60 picofarad that is 60 and 10 to power minus 12 we use what 24 solve this error getting dressed as six Nano do we have to find the answer in nano juice and answer comes out to be 695 I hope you got the answer


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