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A calorimeter of water equiv...

A calorimeter of water equivalent 20 g contains 180 g of water at `25^(@)C` . 'm' grams of steam at `100^(@)C` is mixed in it till the temperature of the mixture is `31^(@)C` . The value of m is close to (Laten heat of water = 540 `cal g^(-1)` , specific heat of water = 1 cal `g^(-1) ""^(@)C^(-1))`


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Updated On: 27-06-2022

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hello everyone at cal metro water equivalent 20 gram contained 180 gram of water at 27 degree Celsius and G of steam at hundred degree celsius is mixed in the temperature of the nation is found 31 degree Celsius can you to find out the value of a if you see there are containers the two containers one is containing this team and another one is containing the two hundred gram of water so you can see 20 gram is the water equivalent of the calorimetry and 180 gram is the water so you can add the to so if I can convert the steam into water first and then I will make the 2 then I found that the final temperature of the mixture is 31 degrees celsius which is this this is the final temperature that is 30 degree Celsius calculate

the heat required for the for the water to convert into this 31 degree Celsius water and for the same state 22 for the steam to get into the water at 31 degree Celsius what is the heat released so here is a team if you see a steam of M G and it get converted into water at hundred degree Celsius of same mass and then it converted into a plus 200 gram of this total water if you see here in this process 20 + 80 so I will write 20 + 188 will be 200 gram so here I will write two hundred gram of water which get converted into 31 degrees celsius water

it was having a temperature at 25 degree Celsius is mixed with the state that it may find the temperature of this what is the required first and then heat release in these two processes so I will write your Q one that is is required to convert this water at 25 degree Celsius 231 degree Celsius that will be equal to 2 + Q3 now you can calculate the Q1 and Q3 Audi Q1 200 gram that is the mass of this water and a ticket converted into 31 degree Celsius what is for the space is one given in the question and change in temperature I will write so what did I don't you to know that the heat supplied for

this is equals to Ms delta delta teaser change in temperature the mass is 251 and change in temperature is this to this will be close to 231 - 5 is 2562 to convert this is team of embarrassment to water and at the latent heat of vaporization is 548 into 540 it will be equal to 540 M and if so you to it will be equal to the heat released when the hundred degree Celsius water get converted into 31 degree Celsius water so if if I write and into a sin

Delta T Sohar the temperature difference you could see all ATI 15 - 31 200 - 31 it would be 6969 very simple know you could put the value of Q1 Q2 in this expression to 100 is equals to 3 + this is Kyoto se will further as always you could see here 540 plus 69360 night is equals to so now you can calculate the EMF so you will write your the and equals to 1200 buys this 609 500m is equals to 1200 in division

6092 final answer will be 1.97 gram this will be the team which was added with the 200 gram of water correct option here is to is the mass

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