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Class 12






Electromagnetic Induction


A brilliant student of physics...

Updated On: 20-06-2022

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(a) `1.3 kg`(b) `1.8 kg`(c ) `2.2 kg`(d) `2.7 kg`

Answer : D
Solution : (d) Current should enter the bar from `P` so that magnetic force is upward. <br> `ilB = mg or (V)/(5)lB = mg` <br> or `m = (150 xx 0.6 xx 1.5)/(5 xx 10) = 2.7 kg`

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question is a brilliant student of Physics develop the magnetic balance to be objects the master to be measured is am from set of the park or is kept in a uniform the plane of the figure voltage can be interested to find the current in the circuit is the price and terms are shown is made of lightweight material that is connected to the battery wire resistance there is no tension in the supporting why you're the only support the hanging with question is asked if we call to 154 what is the maximum as we can say that this lets see your current one clue a p to Q such that force at a pool has magnetic force on a current

placed in a uniform magnetic field is given as I am cosby show how magnetic force 2 X + Y direction when magnetic field is in -10 dimension of mission campus-3 does it cost to charge MI power bank open or close to each other so magnetic force balancing the weight MG so we can see the magnetic core balance is the weight of the subject in elective subject comes as I will be 15 MB is equal to weight of the object in g m u can be written as I will be LG this can be written out as I can be written here as we know

potential resistance to ise equal to be divided into min to be so much of the object can be written as voltage is given out of 60 7.6 into magnetic field is 1.5 Tesla so this is 1.5 / resistance is given as file into value of g is 1050 Kansas 153 se your this month compound this comes as 278 102.7 kg so the mass M is 2.7 kg which is optional

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