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Class 11






Solvd Papers 2017 Neet, Aiims & Jipmer


A boy is pulshing a ring of m...

Updated On: 20-06-2022

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hello student of light on the ring and it rolls without slipping with an acceleration of 4 metre per second square the coefficient of friction between the ground and the ring is large enough that rolling and the efficient operation between stick and drink n to find the value of f and their options are option is to you can obtain these ko Newton opensees pic Newton and out and show how you will call definition

result of fbd earring and I am representing all the forces acting on it Tu coat cutting by stick I am paying it 10 pause YouTube MG will check download and then will it along the surface F2 and a long

stick and taking it acylation one more thing I am doing here the coefficient of friction between speak and drink I am taking it as you want so what is given to us is given to us pre kg radius is 1.6 M normal reaction you can see this is given 3 newton is given 2.4 and value of Mu 1 write it April 10 which is given in the kitchen

Tu costing required to calculate here moment of inertia and calculating 108 gate and minus five equal to by putting the value of m and a and an you will get value of F2 here putting the value of n and a 1.8 m in the value of f to now

playing rotational force status ho to we know so we can I take like this into account are you can calculate about centre of will be able see here aktu will generate code for happen will generate top in this show we will write here value of torque latest F2 into perpendicular distance that is minus 1 into this is writing about o so if you will yah value of

all the variable for computing the value of Y smaller capital of you will get 1.2 will come from here that is so after getting this value you know the value of F1 you can write like this also that is used to into you can say value of given to us by 10 and when your brain is given to you from here OK

then from here if you will calculate the value of smallest so that will come to this option will be your final

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