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Class 12






Alternating Current


A box P and a coil Q are conne...

Updated On: 27-06-2022


Text Solution

`9.76 V, 8.92 V``6.29 V, 7. 96 V``7.70 V, 10.92 V``7.70 V,9. 76 V`

Answer : D
Solution : As this circuit is series LCR circuit current will be maximum at resonance, <br> <img src="" width="80%"> <br> `therefore` Resonance frequency <br> `omega =(1)/(sqrt(LC))=(1)/(sqrt((4.9xx10^(-3))(10^(-6))))=(10^(5))/(7)"rad "s^(-1)` <br> and current `I_("max")=(epsilon_(0))/(R )=(10)/((32+68))=(1)/(10)A` <br> So the impedance for box P <br> `Z_(P)=[R_(1)^(2)+((1)/(omega C))^(2)]^(1//2)=[(32)^(2)+((7)/(10^(5)xx10^(-6)))^(2)]^(1//2)` <br>`=sqrt(5924)=77 Omega` <br> and for coil `Q, Z_(Q)=[R_(2)^(2)+(omega L)^(2)]^(1//2)` <br> `=[(68)^(2)+((10^(5))/(7)xx4.9xx10^(-3))^(2)]^(1//2)=sqrt(9524)=97.6 Omega` <br> and hence , `V_(P)=I_("max)Z_(P)=(1)/(10)xx(77)=7.70 V` <br> (potential drop across P) <br> and `V_(Q)=I_("max")Z_(Q)=(1)/(10)xx(97.6)=9.76 V` <br> (potential drop across Q)


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hello students that question there are two box first box having a p and the second box consider Koyal are connected in series with ac source of with the aim of the source that TV box contain a capacitance of a 32 ohm coil has a self inductance of a 4.9 Mili Henry 8 so that the maximum current will be slow so in that case that the maximum current will be cleaned up pnq an impedance of curator at that frequency so dear students according to that statement he says there is a maximum current flow that there is a resonance will be so first of all we calculate that is resonant frequency

frequency ok so that is a Omega is equal to 1 upon root of island 2 one upon Rudo what is the value of Health and the given 4.9 into 10 to the power minus 3 and the capacitor is a 1 into 10 to the power minus so whenever you are calculating that so we are getting and the power 5.7 Radian per second that is a resonant frequency after that we are calculate the maximum current ok so I maximum so I maximum is equivalent to A hi not happen not that is the means potential that the given 10 and total reservation there are two resistance 68 ohm and the 32 it becomes 100 so we are getting a current beti ka gana upon 10 MP

that is the maximum current will be the impedance for pnq so important for a requirement to a road is equal into Harvard square + 1 upon Omega and whole square the power to whole square + 1 upon Omega is we are calculated that is 10 to the power 5 into C is given that is 1 into 10 to the power ok 7 become sir numerator and whole square and power 1 by 2 whenever we are solving that quantity so we are writing a box that is equal to A 77 part is now we are calculate the Wizard of Oz queues

parantu plus Omega and whole square power is 7 into 10 to the power 3 X 4.9 we are adding the day 4.9 and square and power is a fun when you are solving a bed quantities so we are getting a zq is equivalent to a root of 9524 that is equal to a 97.6 ok that is the value of impedance of a OK so now we are potential for abhi that is maximum X Jet Li imaximize what is the value of a maximum that is 1 by 10 and the potential we are getting after putting the value of 77

so this is a 7.70 volt 4 box calculate the fork tube is equivalent to a maximum X zq that is one upon 10 x 97.6 39.7 6 volt that is up and values voltage 7.74 2019

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