A body weighs `W_(1)` gf in air and when immersed in a liquid, it weighs `W_(2)` gf, while it weighs `W_(3)` gf on immersing it in water. Find (i) Volume of the body (ii) upthrust due to liquid (iii) relative density of the solid and (iv) relative density of the liqudi.

Updated On: 17-04-2022

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Answer :
(i) `(W_(1)-W_(3))cm^(3)` (ii) `(W_(1)-W_(2))` gf, <br> (iii) `(W_(1))/(W_(1)-W_(3))` (iv) `(W_(1)-W_(2))/(W_(1)-W_(3))`


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hello dear students the question is a body with w1 GF in air and when it is immersed in water it what's the blue to GF while it was W3 on emerging in water find volume of the body of tourist due to the liquid relative density of solid and related according to the question w1 Eid weight of body when it is in air similarly w2 is weight of body

Vin immersed in liquid and W3 is weight of body hue immersed in what now we know that volume of body is equal to w1 -23 that is the difference between weight of the body in air that of weight of the body

when the body is immersed in water similarly the value of upthrust acting duty liquid will be equal to w 1 -2 that is weight of body in air difference between weight of body near to that of weight of body Vin body is immersed in liquid now the value of relative density of the solid will be calculated by the formula weight of solid in

air today top loss of weight in water when image in water sphere weight of solid in air is 112 w and loss of weight when it is immersed in water will be equal to 1 - W3 this will be the formula for relative density w w

relative density of the liquid will be calculated by the ratio of loss of weight in liquid the top loss of weight in water I hope this answered your question thank you

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