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A body of mass m moving with velocity uˆi collides elastically with a body at rest of mass 3m and then the final velocity of body mass m is v ˆj. Find the relation between v and u


Text Solution

u = 2v
u = v/2
u = _2 v
u = v/_2
The correct Answer is C


a body of mass M moving with a velocity of you ICAP collide elastically with a body at rest of mass 3M then final velocity of a body of mass M is Visa find the relation between U and V velocity of the to you 1 equals to you and you too was zero and we won the final velocity of this mass is given here we data and the final velocity of 2 is VX I kept plus we buy so we can apply the momentum conservation since there is no external force will write your initial Momentum is equals to final momentum
so initial Momentum is mass of one body into velocity of a body that is UI is equals to final Momentum so that is Jay kya first Body Plus mass of second body into velocity of second body that is this so equating the engine components I will right and you is equals to 3 vs this and will get cancel out and you will get v x is equals to you by three now be creating the Y component I will right here here the wire company and its zeros I will 80 equals to V plus MV plus 3
we were very simple night so you will get v y equals to minus 3 by 3 the velocity of 3M mask after the collision right now we can write the V2 is to back to you by three plus minus 3 by 3 very simple know the collision is elastic so there won't be any loss in kinetic energy so I will light initial kinetic energy is equals to final kinetic energy if you see initial kinetic energy initially the only a mass was moving with a velocity of you and final kinetic energy I will write half and the mass of the mass after the collision is already given in the question is B
3M mask having a velocity of you square by 9 + b square minus b square + Y square tin can cancel out this them and this half then you will let you square equals to B square + 3 X square + 3 y square by night so you will get you square equals to B square + 2 square by 3 + b square by 3 so you will get to use square by 3 is equals to 4 V square by 32 after solving you will get you square = 22 b square so you is equal to under root of 2v and this will be the relation between U and V now you can
the option given here are these so you equal to under root 2 we will be the answer


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