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A body of mass 2 kg moving wit...

A body of mass 2 kg moving with uniform velocity of `40 ms^(-1)` collides with another body at rest . If two bodies move together with a velocity of ` 20 ms^(-1)` . Find the mass of the other body .


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Updated On: 27-06-2022

Text Solution

Solution : Given <br> Mass of first body , `m_1=2 kg ` <br> Initial velocity of first body , `u_1=40 ms^(-1)` <br> Final velocity of second body `, u_2=0` <br> Final velocity of first body , `v_1z=` Final velocity of the second body `,v_2` i.e., `v_1=v_2=20 ms^(-1)` <br> To find : Mass of second body , `M_2=?` <br> Solution <br> According to law of conservation of momentum, `m_1u_1+m_2u_2=m_1v_1+m_2v_2` <br> `m_1u_1+m_2u_2=v_1m_1+m_2v_2` <br> `2 xx 40 + m_2 xx 0= 20 xx 2+ 20 m_2 ` <br> `80 = 40 +20 m_2` <br> `20 m_2=40 implies ` <br> `m_2=(40)/(20)=2 kg ` <br> Mass of second body , `m_2=2 kg `


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