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Mock Test 03


A body is moving with constant...

A body is moving with constant acceleration, `a= 5 m/s^2` from A to B in straight line AB. The velocity of particle at A and B are 5 m/s and 15 m/s respectively. The velocity at mid-point of AB is


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Updated On: 27-06-2022

Text Solution

`sqrt125 m/s``sqrt250 m/s``sqrt550 m/s``sqrt600 m/s`

Answer : A


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a body is moving with constant acceleration is equal to 5 metre per second square PVR time metre per second respectively the condition is something like this body move from A to B to B at velocity at a b a w 5 metre per second velocity in 15 metre per second know we have to find at some point we have to find its velocity what we can do it was a need to know the midpoint we do not know the length of a to be possible calculate the distance travelled from a to b

a third equation of motion that is v v square is equal to a square + 2 x 2 final velocity 15 to 25 is equal to initial velocity 5525 to acceleration is given to be 5 and we have to find the distance calculator justicket 225 - 25 200/200 b n equal to 20 m so now the midpoint will be the whole length the whole length f 22 part depart will be 10 m 10 metre

is equal to initial velocity v a square + 2 into acceleration 5 acceleration is a right foot the value in next line to reporting values yourself this is what we have to find Rio square which will be equal to vs Pata 25 + 2 into 5 that is certain into half the sensor 10 so different come out to be rios where is equal to 125 and we will be Root over 125 metre per second now this is our option I hope you understand thank you for watching