A body covers 20 m, 22 m, 24 m, in 8th, 9th and 10th seconds respectively. The body starts


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Updated On: 27-06-2022

Text Solution

1. from rest and moves with uniform velocity.
2. from rest and moves with uniform acceleration.
3. with an initial velocity and moves with uniform acceleration.
4. with an initial velocity and moves with uniform velocity.
The correct Answer is C
As distance travelled in successive seconds differ by 2 m each, therefore acceleration is constant = 2ms2
From Dn = u + a/2 (2n - 1) D8=u+22(2×81)
20 = u + 15 or u = 5ms1


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hello everyone let's begin with the question is a body covers 20 body staff at the following option to prove that which of these is the formula for body cover price and now it is given that the body has Tower 20 it will be equal to you Plus bike -1 and this is
this we get you plus 7.5 and it is equal to say this dafadar 99 is + 2 - 1 and this will get you + 8.5 and this is equal to foot the value of acceleration into first term by multiplying it to distance between 50 and when that
you super bi f calculate the Body will be the initial velocity and check whether a string is coming out 34 S10 will be equal to 1 + 2 and -1 values of a and 5 plus 219 from this we get the value of a system has it is 24 and also the
acceleration and that the body is having not having any celebrity and that value is 5 M and it is also moving with an acceleration that value that is the correct answer the first thing that it is the first quarter itself is in the body is that it is uniform velocity is not so uniform about discussion

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