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Motion In A Straight Line


A body A starts from rest with...

A body `A` starts from rest with an acceleration `a_1`. After `2` seconds, another body `B` starts from rest with an acceleration `a_2`. If they travel equal distances in the `5^(th)` second, after the start of `A`, then the ratio `a_1 : a_2` is equal to :


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Updated On: 27-06-2022

Text Solution


Answer : A
Solution : Time taken by body A, `t_1 = 5 s `<br> Acceleration of body A = `a_1` <br> Time taken of body B, `t_2 = 5 - 2 = 3 s` <br> Acceleration of body `B = a_2` <br> Distance covered by first body in `5^(th)` second after its start, <br> `S_5 = u + a_1/2(2t_1 - 1)` = `0 + a_1/2 (2 xx 5 - 1)` = `9/2 a_1` <br> Distance covered by the second body in the `3^(rd)` second after its start, <br> `S_3 = u + a_2/2(2t_2 - 1) = 0 + a_2/2(2 xx 3 -1) = 5/2 a_2` <br> Since `S_5 = S_3 therefore 9/2 a_1 = 5/2 a_2` or `a_1 : a_2 = 5 : 9`


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student hairs equation a boy a starts from rest with an acceleration A1 after 2 second another body be start from rest with an acceleration a true if they travel equal distance in the fifth second after the start of a then the ratio 8 a 1 ratio 2 is equal to so we have to find the ratio of A1 and A2 and first of all write the given data initial speed is equals to zero so you is equals to zero and distant if we talk about the distance distance covered in nth second distance covered in a second after

starting from rest after starting from rest right so as is equals to 1 by 2 and -1 right so was to fall for hay music words to 5 so essay is equals to 1 by 2 by 2 into 5

minus 1 which is equals to 9 by 2 into a one right now for value of p e n is equals to tree and as b is equals to a 2/2 2 into 3 - 1 which is equals to 5 by 2 hate you but it is given that as a is equals to SB

now week weight that is 9 by 2 a 1 is equals to 5 by 2 to write a device A1 ratio a to is equals to 5 ratio 9 so the ratio 5 ratio 9 I hope you understand the explanation thank you

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