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Class 11






Miscellaneous Kinematics


A body A is thrown vertically ...

Updated On: 27-06-2022

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Answer : C
Solution : c. Initial relative velocity of A w.r.t. `B = u - 0 = u.` It <br> will remain constant till B reaches ground. B stops on colliding with ground, and A comes down with increasing velocity. <br> <img src="" width="80%">

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hello students our question is a body is thrown vertically upward with a velocity that it reaches a maximum height of h simultaneously another body be dropped from height H it is strike the ground and do not have the velocity of a with respect to be versus time graph is best represented by and we have to take upward direction is positive to first we find the velocity for initial velocity of a given that the height to which we write conservation of energy for initial velocity of a b will be m g it is eating eating at the height of a square are you I will be under root of 2G

India we will be velocity of a at any instant of time it will be you a plus is in its acceleration is nothing but ji and it is in minus y directions will be negative which is under root of 22 and acceleration in minus b b b b b b h a ball is dropped from Airtel to initially with velocity will be zero and at any instant of time the acceleration will be my energy into sugar baby vinati mines GT find velocity of a with respect to be it will be the velocity of a - velocity of B

and it will be simply constant which is equal to root 2gh because my energy and it is also my name is it so they will they will get cancel out so well constant velocity is coming but this is for the part when both the motion but after time T H bol be comes to rest when it is strike the ground so then velocity of a letter writing for like this after the ball bhi strike the ground

if we talk about this condition to the thing here will be the time will be after the ball reaches ground Plus TV show time at which the ball detail ground will be there to find this were so it is dropping from a height h so we can we write - and its initial velocity v0 so 0 into minus half ji square in this is nothing but TV TV represent time at which week at ground

ok so if we talk about TV TV will be nothing but to H by g n under root of 8 and much time a velocity of we will be zero because it's not rebalancing and velocity of a will be how much under root of 2 g h + a minus b into time time TV plus some time T because you are letting the time after sometime of motion of it will be and it will be equal to 2gh if you put the value of PB state will be

like this plus sorry it will get - it will be - GT and we will be to GH - 2 - GT sorry we will be - GT if we find DAV pet will also be - GT because I will be so sweet choose appropriate graph over correct answer will be this because velocity is constant initially and positive and after which time interval the time interval will be TV and it is started

wearing according to Time After Time TV in it will get negative to this question is done here

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