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A bob of mass 1 kg is suspended from an inextensible string of length 1 m. When the string makes an angle `60^(@)` with vertical, speed of the bob is 4 m/s <br> Upto what maximum height will the bob rise with respect to the bottommost point ?

Updated On: 17-04-2022

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Text Solution

1.6 m1.8 m1.3 m2 m

Answer :


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hello so the question is above which is of mass 1 kg that is suspended from a inextensible string that is of length 1 m ok so when the thing makes an angle 60 degree with the vertical ok latest not this point near the string will make angle 60 degree at what it is with the vertical speed of the bob is given to so metre per second after which the maximum height with the ball will rise with respect to bottom was point so basically we have to calculate the height ok now let's say that lets try to draw the diagram first selected from this point from this point ok the book will let the book will be here ok lete here the ball will be ok from this we have given what the bob will make 60 degree with the vertical means initially when the bob have

4 metre per second velocity at Max 60 degree angle something like this with the vertical this is the vertical ok and it makes 60 degree angle with it and point now it is moving with the 4 metre per second velocity now basically we have to find how much distance it would cover ok how much height it will cover ok so basically travel until that its velocity will be equal to zero ok if I say the you = 4 metre per second so we should be that the final velocity should be 0 metre per second and third my point first ok now let's say it will move to the any distance if it which is making at any angle theta Everest theatre so here it is height will be let it grow it with the red one should this height will be what the site will be we know

that we have given to us 1 m that would be one metre ok this is the length of the book is dotted line with which is connected with the bob it is the length of the pendulum is 1 m understood my point now if it is one that should be what it is one sin theta ok means I'll sin theta = 21 1-sin theta understood my point and hear the second height which is this one Discover this is also covered this ok so this would be what if it is 60 so that will be 9 total 9060 that is 30 degree ok if it is 30 is that that should be what it should be this length is 1 this length is 1 ok said it is also one sign

30 degree ok 81 sin 30 degree or you can call it also 1 Cos 60 degree and stood my point so basically here it has to cover the distance the total distance from this ok so this is this is what this is basically height that we have this is this is the height that we have this ok now let's see latest first try to calculate the height ok so height H is what it is one sign 30 ok plus one sign that is height ok now basically we have to find here we have to find the total total height that is covered ok so let's say here we know that the work done can be written to change in kinetic

energy ok so in the kinetic energy we know that the final velocity is zero k e final should be equal to zero as we final is zero are my point and initially only initial will work site will be negative and biggest change in kinetic energy is what it is he final - ki initial ok so K initial half M is 1 M2 42 the square 60 ok to work done is what it is force and displacement in here there is only one force which is MG is acting and the displacement is at which is one sin 30 + 1-sin theta ok now now this simple here to cancel the se a time and we have mms1 so here here minus minus also cancelled ok so we have the am is one

in 2G Stan and sin 30 can be written as 1 upon 2 + sin theta ok and here we have the it ok so it by 10 year we laugh with 1 + sin theta 8 by 10 min 0.8 society Ta can be written as one upon two can be written as 0.5 to 0.8 - 0.5 will be 0.3 ok so we have the sin theta = 0.3 ke so finally the total distance Total distance ok Sut Total distance aur you can see total height that is that it is covered is what it is if it is one ok so here we can see this this distance I am talking what distance this much distance is also one ok this is one

so it is also one and this one is what this is sin theta 1 into sin theta + b sin theta only so we have Total distance is 1 and sin theta 1 + sin theta Total distance is 1 + sin theta so we have sin theta is 0.3 so it is 1.3 so finally answered the total the total height is total height of the total distance is one point thank you

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