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Jee Mains 2020


A block of mass of 1.9 kg i...

A block of mass of 1.9 kg is at rest at the edge of a table , of height 1 m . A bullet of mass 0.1 kg collides with block and sticks to it. If the velocity of the bullted is 20 m/ s in the hoizontal direction just befor the combined system strikes the florr , is [ Take ` g = 10 m//s^(2)` . Assume there is no rotational motion and loss of energy after the collision is negligble.

Updated On: 27-06-2022


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23 J 20 J 19 J 21 J


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in this question given A bullet of mass 1.9 kg is at rest at the age of 0.1 KG collides with and stick with the velocity of the bullet is 20 metre per second in horizontal direction is equal to 10 metre per second square energy after the collision in the figure 1.9 kg block and visit 1.90 1.9

boltu funny video 1 metre height and of 0.1 MG 0.3 equal to per second ok 9 in force that means Momentum is conserved ok and equal to angle A equal to and equal to 0.1 kg and you have an equal to 20 metre per second oneplus M2 YouTube and equal to

1.9 into 2 is equal to zero and equal to and when your blog is equal to 1.9 + 0.1 + 2 into 10 equal to 2 into 10 solved in we can write to plus zero and equal to then velocity of the bullet and block equal to 2 by 2 equal to 1 metre per second ok that means we can say that the block and bullet with one metre per second and block all ok height ok I have to find the kinetic energy at this position

OK then let us consider kinetic energy at position and this is equal to apply work energy theorem definition and gravitation call to due to gravity ok and this is equal to and and the height is equal to Karnataka final kinetic energy and initial kinetic energy MBS and mass 2 kg and the velocity metre per second 10 MB is equal to into 10 equal to K - 2 and 2A cancel

one ok 1020 plus one and this is the value of A and B can write the kinetic energy at the ground floor at this position ke is equal to 21 this is the right answer of this question is equal to 21 channel force acting on it that means that Momentum and then find the value of the final velocity and oneplus M2K and applying it to them then work done by the by the gravity MG into air conditioner quality final kinetic energy - initial kinetic energy is equal to keep and any then we solve then the value of k is equal to 25 and option of this question then

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