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Class 12






Work, Energy And Power


A block of mass m is released ...

A block of mass `m` is released from rest onto a spring. A having stiffness `k_A=mg//2h` as shown in figure. If the block compresses spring B through a distance h, find the: <br> <img src="" width="80%"> <br> a. stiffness of the spring B <br> b. equilibrium position of the block <br> c. maximum velocity of the block <br> d. maximum acceleration of the block

Updated On: 27-06-2022


Text Solution

Solution : `(A)(4mg)/(h),(B)h/g` below top of spring B, `(C) y=4/3sqrt(2gh)(D)4guarr`


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hello episode T20 portion which is given a block of mass M is released from rest on to a spring at in a stiffness k block compresses a spring be through a distance to find a difference of the spring people from position of the block C maximum velocity at the maximum acceleration so what we will resume find the stiffness of the spring is given by the principle of conservation of energy in which the energy lost is equal to the energy Gate so I will substitute the energy lost is a potential energy and g

equal to 2 x square Rishabh AP square is this value of k is given in the question that is 3 and pH is equal to half substitute of doctor mg twice aur h square + half remaining term

3 mg is equal to MB KB KB is equal to 4 MG for equilibrium position of the block find equilibrium position of the block what we will do is that will find the latex particular position you will use the weight of the box is equal to the attention of the forces industry report will find the weight of the pop what is the weight of the box beat of box at equilibrium position is equal to the tension poses so you can write equation it will be weight of the box is

mg is equal to the tensions in the what are the it indicate classics because your finding at equilibrium position and a and b X upon x is equal to 9 or equal to open position in HP 92 find the maximum velocity maximum velocity at equilibrium position when we find the maximum velocity with which you can you attitude composition MG H H plus X + x is equal to mi Max crash

h + x when you're right to MGH mex2 sequel to n Max square plus aap Institute Academy of K mg upon 28 1 + x square when you solve this you get Vmax is equal to Bahubali 3 root 2gh is the maximum velocity acceleration

of the block will be at the lowest point by tension Soch next generation will be in the tension of the that is all about this problem ho gaya Kanta Store

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