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A block of mass m is projected...

A block of mass m is projected up with a velocity `v_0` along an inclined plane of angle of inclination `theta=37^@`. The coefficient of friction between the inclined plane AB and blocks is `mu(=tan theta)`. Find the values of `v_0` so that the block moves in a circular path from B to C. <br> <img src="https://d10lpgp6xz60nq.cloudfront.net/physics_images/BMS_V01_C08_S01_080_Q01.png" width="80%">


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Updated On: 27-06-2022

Text Solution

Solution : In traingle ABO, `R/l=tanthetaimpliesl=(4R)/(3)` <br> <img src="https://d10lpgp6xz60nq.cloudfront.net/physics_images/BMS_V01_C08_S01_080_S01.png" width="80%"> <br> For contact not to be lost at B: <br> `mgcos theta-N=(mv^2)/(R)` <br> `impliesN=mg cos theta-(mv^2)/(R)= ge0` <br> `impliesvlesqrt(gRcostheta)` (i) <br> From B to C: `DeltaK+DeltaU=0` <br> `(1/2mv_1^2-1/2mv^2)+mg(R-Rcostheta)=0` <br> `impliesv_2=v_1^2+2gR(1-costheta)` (ii) <br> From A to B: `a=gsin theta+mugcostheta` <br> `=g sin theta+(tan theta)g cos theta` <br> `impliesa=2gsintheta` <br> `implies v_2=v_0^2-2al` <br> `impliesv^2=v_0^2-(4gsinthetaR)/(tantheta)` <br> `impliesv^2=v_0^2-4gRcostheta` (iii) <br> From Eqs (i) and (iii), <br> `v_0^2-4gRcos thetalegRcos theta` or `v_0^2le5gRcos theta` <br> `implies v_0^2le5gR(4/5)=4gRimpliesv_0lesqrt(4gR)` (iv) <br> From Eqs (ii) and (iii), <br> `v_1^2+2gR[1-cos theta]=v_0^2-4gRcostheta` <br> `impliesv_1^2=v_0^2-2gR-2gRcos theta` <br> Now to reach at `C:V_1ge0` <br> or `v_0^2-2gR-2gRcosthetage0` <br> `implies v_0gesqrt(2gR[1+costheta])` <br> `impliesv_0gesqrt(2gR[1+4//5])impliesv_0gesqrt((18gR)/(5))` (v) <br> From (iv) and (v) `sqrt((18gR)/(5))lev_0lesqrt(4gR)`


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hello student block of mass M is projected with velocity V not inclined plane of angle of inclination theta 237 efficient of friction between the incline plane navy and Lokesh new that is equal to 10 metre apart from we too are you will solve this weekend so cold that cost here I am making that will be given in the kitchen and amazing Zeppelin l so F Block welcome here then we will make a BD a normal reaction Balak

MG black downward and Heera imaging velocity at this point is V and if block reached here 8.3 and velocity V1 sovino this single also becomes Pita and WWE fight will be equal to Aur Ko Pita so this is the wedding no I will use this event in navision coming to the solution it will see in triangle a triangle you will see

why the trigonometry ratios are equal to 10 theta then I'll become are free 4 contact note to be lost at we contact not to be lost we can say mg cos theta minus 3 equal to MV square B so not losing contact and should be equal to greater than equal 0 by applying this condition we can say

we should be less than equal root of Siya Hospital so I am naming this occasion occasion number 1 sunao Chrome Beta hi point if you will apply energy conservation when you can tell tell tell you should be equal to zero so no calling this thing Loha film Vivan square minus han fan class mg are minus cos theta equal to

zero so after falling you will get V square equal to Vivian squire Plus to Jiya 1 - cos theta so I am naming equation number 2 now Chrome a2b if I will apply an alarm then equal to ji sin theta + u g cos theta supporting the value of Urea 10 litre you will get in sin theta +

10 theta into cos theta after solving you will get value of a call to to the sin theta so from occasion square equal to Vinodh square minus 12 we will put this value of a year then you will get equation equal to Vinod square minus aur Jiya Ko Sidha so now I am leaving this occasion number free call girl if you will

tall station 1 and 3 you will get we not a square minus hosiarpur Sita should be less than equal yaar Kothi da you can say Vinod squire should be less than equal five GR poster problem solving and putting the value of theta here cos theta equal to 4 by 5 you will we not should be less than equal route this equation and saying equation number 4

sunao room equation 2 and weekend se Jivan class ugr 1 - cos theta equal to Vinod square minus old poster so now solving this equation you will get Vivan square should be equal to square minus ugr miner ugr cos theta

no Rubi checkpoint 3 we can say we want should we get other than equal to zero aur by putting the value we can say Vinod should be greater than equal root of to Jiya 1 + cos theta putting the value of cos theta equal to 4 by 5 we will get Vinod value should be equal to root of 18 GR by 5 now I am thinking with the Ketan education number 5 to

from occasion aur and 5 we can easily say value of we not should be light between 18 ji R15 to root of call Zia this will be our final answer

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