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Laws Of Motion


A block of mass m is placed at...

A block of mass `m` is placed at rest on an inclination `theta` to the horizontal. If the coefficient of friction between the block and the plane is `mu`, then the total force the inclined plane exerts on the block is

Updated On: 27-06-2022


Text Solution

`(a)mg``(b)mu mg cos theta`` (c)mg sin theta``(d)mu mg tan theta`

Answer : A
Solution : Only two force are acting, `mg` and net connect force (resultant of fricting and normal reation) from the inclined plane. Since the body is at rest. Therefore these two force should be equal and opposite. <br> :. Net contact force `= mg`


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hello it's a a block of mass M is placed on intimation if the coefficient of friction between the plane is then force the incline plane exerts on the block his first letter endless runner situation here so we have we have a incline plane angle of inclination intonation given here it is now so this is the block we have ok coronavirus drawing this is a blog have now let's see what are the forces acting on

there is nothing but the weight of the block vtop login mg5 this is this is the only external force the rest two forces one of which is friction will be in this direction now the frictional force is preventing the block from sliding the block is so this is a fictional food at this site and other shows which we call the normal force which is acting in this direction perpendicular to the direction this angle angle is there would be Tangled is also heater

this angle this angle can also find out to be this angle will also be MG the force MG must balance by this two forces normal force and frictional force so we can write their resultant force r the resultant force are which is given by originating and sin theta and Cos theta sin theta are balancing this we can write and Cos theta + sin theta is nothing but and now you see the result and

force given by given by the plan is balancing the way or we can say is resultant force by the plan is nothing but way of the weight of the body so if you look at the option then we will find the total force incline plane of exist on the block is option a.m.

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