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A block of mass M is kept on a...

A block of mass M is kept on as rough horizontal surface. The coefficient of static frictionbetween the block and the surface is `mu`. The block is to be pulled by applying a force to it. What minimum force is needed to slide the block? In which direction should this force act?


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Updated On: 27-06-2022

Text Solution

Solution : Let P bet he force applied to it an angle `theta` From the free body diagram, <br> `R+P isn theta -mg=0` <br> `rarr R=-Psin theta+mg`……….i <br> `muR=Pcostheta `……….ii<br> From equation i <br> `mu(mg-Psintheta)-Pcostheta` <br> `mumg=muPsintheta-Pcostheta` <br> `rarr P=(mu mg)/(musintheta+costheta)` <br> Applied force Pshould be minimum, when `m sintheta+costheta` is maximum. <br> Again `(musintheta+costheta)` is maximum when its derivative is zero <br> `d/(dtheta) (mu sintheta+costheta)=0` rarr mucostheta-sintheta=0` <br>rarr `theta=tan^-1 mu` <br> So, `P=(mumg)/(musintheta+costheta)` <br> `=(mumg/costheta)/((musintheta)/(costheta)+(costheta)/(costheta))` <br> <img src="https://d10lpgp6xz60nq.cloudfront.net/physics_images/HCV_VOL1_C06_E01_046_S01.png" width="80%"> <br> (Dividing Numerator and DenomiN/Ator by `costheta), we get <br> `P=(mumgsectheta)/(1+mutantheta)` <br> `(mu mgsectheta)/(1+tan^2theta)=(mumg)/(sectheta)` <br> `=(mumg)/(sqrt(1+tan^2theta)(mu mg)/(1+mu^2)` <br> Hence minimum fore is `mu(mg)/(sqrt(1+mu^2)` at an angle `theta=tan^-1mu`


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a block of mass M is kept on a rough horizontal surface the coefficient of static friction is given here is new and a block is to be pulled by applying a force you to calculate the minimum force needed to slide the block in direction at which two forces to be applied to the diagram first see this this is the block and this is kept on a floor and it's suppose the a force is acting at an angle of theta into full break girls app in two component as if cos theta and the vertical component will be a sin theta and the normal reaction act in a pod Aisan energy will be after erection what will be the maximum friction force that is equals to

knowledge calculate the new as we know that we want the block not to lose the contact with the ground so normal position should be so I will take it in upward direction so I will write about food that as sin theta equal to next downward force that is does and there is no Excel vertical direction reaction would be and the minus sin theta so this from but the nomination you can just put the nomination so that is by the florus ok now if you want the block to move that the condition for the block to movies that simple unless the horizontal

end of the force will be greater than the the maximum available friction force the block want more than you can just put the value of f Max so am we already calculated is this you can just put the value of a minus sin theta towards left over that sin data should be greater than equal to new and now you can do one thing that you can divide it the whole buy oneplus music Square One plus music under root 1 + 2 square and what did we done be divided the whole town

dividing by if you know the maths we do it do it to very regularly dividing left and right by under root of coefficient of this term square coefficient of resistance wire that is a square + b square andar so after dividing you can see we got this at left and right now take a triangle like this and this angle is let's suppose theta is already taken so that angle is so knowledge suppose this is born This is new and this is oneplus new square you can see this is science and this is caused by so you can replace hear what you will write you can take the Optimus com you will write cos theta sin pi

+ cos theta and it will be greater than equal to mew and mewtwo Square now you can see this whole time is what time in a + sin b from that you can write it s m + by date is greater than equal to new MG by under root if you will be maximum only when this time the term this time it will be maximum when this black market down will be 90 degree types of water will make

+ + 5 equal to 90 degree the auditor the relation between them in fact will get this just make the storm's to get the minimum value of the force of the minimum value of the force will be new MG under root of workers near square you can also calculate this by differentiation dedifferentiation method what you will do we will differentiate the left with respect to the theatre and will make that is 20 and from there also you will get the theatre and words as we got you

theta is 90 - this so we already taken the theatre of 5 is nothing but tan inverse 1 by or you can also see if this is the teeth are so that it will be cot inverse it cot inverse that if you travel triangle is 5 then will find a way with L I will write cot inverse 1 by mute artist anniversary cot inverse 1 by you that is Seema standard was new simple you can see in the diagram also we want this heat of to be tan inverse 1 by this angle is 90 degree and we call calculated that theta equal to 90 - 52 from both the method you will get the same amount so now if you see the question again

we wanted the minimum force that is new MG by under root 1 + b square and this angle will be equal to tan inverse simple 10,000 answer thank you

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