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A block of mass m is connected...

A block of mass m is connected at one end of spring fixed at other end having natural length `l_0` and spring constant `K`. The block is rotated with constant angular speed `(omega)` in gravity free space. Find the elongation in spring.


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Updated On: 27-06-2022

Text Solution

`(l_0 m omega^2)/(k-m omega^2)``(l_0 m omega^2)/(k+m omega^2)``(l_0 m omega^2)/(k-m omega)``(l_0 m omega^2)/(k+m omega)`

Answer : A
Solution : NA


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hello everyone a block of mass M is connected at one end of a string fixed at other and having natural length and not and Spring Constant given rashke and the block is rotated with an angular speed Omega in gravity free space York to find out the elongation in the spring for the block is performing circular motion right so what is the force which is acting as the centripetal force so the spring force will actors of centripetal force must be some extension in the spring so that the spring force could act towards the centre select suppose this is the spring and the spring is elongated by so the total length is l + 9 + X where X is the elongation and a lot is the national anthem

so Axis do along action now the mass of the block is small and is given and this and is fixed and this mass is rotating with an angular speed Omega then you have to find out the x if the spring constant and the natural length is given here so as we already concluded that the spring force will act as the centripetal force so I will write the centripetal force is equal to m v m square Rs yeah this this is R if the radius of the circle now this is provided by the spring force so I will write ki x elongation is being that is X simple to we got the force which act as the centripetal force so that will be equal to the square

simple so we want the value of x so what will do to bring the text in one side so I will write a minus b into X is equals to M omega square I'll not get the value of omega square I'll not ke minus A square with along action in the spring when the block will be performing circular motion with the angular speed of Omega like this thread so at that time the spring will be elongated and not by km

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