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Class 12






Nta Neet Set 57


A block of mass 70 kg is kept ...

Updated On: 27-06-2022


Text Solution

F must be 700 N F must be 280 N`700 N le F le 754 N` F maybe greater than 754 N

Answer : C


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hello we are giving the collection and the question says a block of mass 70 kg is kept on a rough horizontal surface and causation of static friction between block and the surface is 4.4 solid say this is a surface right and there is a block correct and this is of mass M that is 70 kg so we will write mass to be equal to 70 kg between block and surface there is a static friction that is Mu = 4.4 and now it's time to pull the block by applying a horizontal force it applies a horizontal force on the net farms contact force exerted by the surface on the block is yes then what set apply this is a force f

if it is moving in this direction and it has a gravitational it has a weight in downward direction that would be frictional force here in this direction and that is a normal force correct what we can say right is the normal force equal to MG from here right so frictional force can be written as new and new MG initially when we have enough to be Zero B when is zero then the fiction source could also be zero if the below if you are not applying any force on the block It wouldn't know what it would not have an external post in hands that would not be any frictional force acting right so the normal force we can calculate

the normal force normal force can be written as 70 into 10 so that is 700 Newton so frictional force that is f Max can be written as new and G point 4 into 700 that is equal to 2 18 Newton write the resultant force essence this is at max this is normal force and this is the resultant force would someone will be here lights and so the resultant force we can write that to be equal to root over of f Max square + sin square and the angle between them is 90 degrees so 32 into FMS and intercourse of 90 that is zero

or not writing so from here it can be written as 700 square + 2 it so that is that turns out to be equal to 754 Newton now net contact force exerted by the surface of the block f ranges from what value what value so ranges from 700 Newton 2754 Nitin so the name as is between 710 2754 knew that is its range so 700 Newton send this in 754 should be greater efficiencies and answer thank you

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