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Class 11






Work And Energy


A block of mass 30.0 kg is bei...

Updated On: 27-06-2022

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Solution : Given, `m=30 kg` <br> `v=40 cm/sec` ltbr. `=0.4m/sec` <br> `S=2m` ltbr. From the free body digram the force given by the chain is <br> `F=(ma-mg)` <br> `=m(a-g)` <br>`[where a=acceleration of the block]` <br> `a=(v^2-u^2)/(2S)` <br> `16/(-4)=0.04m/sec^2` <br> so, work done `=W=FScostheta` <br> <img src="" width="80%"> <br> `=m(a-g)S cos0^0` <br> =30(0.04-9.8)xx2` <br> `=-30xx(9.76)xx2` <br> =585.6=-586J` <br> So, `W=-586J`

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hello bro this question it is said that a block of mass 30 kg is being brought down by a chain if the block acquires a speed of 40 cm per second in dropping down to M then work done by the Chain first of all there are two forces which is working on the block first one the gravity and the second one is the chain rate 16 suppose I took the work done by all forces to the work done by all forces will be the change in kinetic energy so right work done by gravity Plus work done by change is equal to change in kinetic energy that is final - initial kinetic energy and it is said that initial kinetic energy is zero is zero since the block is starting from rest and UK

the block acquires a speed of this much in dropping down to the final velocity U can see is 40 cm and that is point 1.4 metre per second into the final kinetic energy is equal to half and 10 point 4 simple so after solving this you will get the final kinetic energy as to the point forest point 16 by 2 into 32 this will be the final kinetic energy after solving you will get point 0 8 into so sweet is 2.4 Jo so final point

now you know that the gravity does a work of MCH in this process and the block is brought down to the bottom by gravity will be positive so I will write MG so mg is 30 G into that is two plus work done by chain is equals to final kinetic energy that is so work done by change will be equal to 60 rate if you see 60g with the negative sign plus this now G is equal to 9.8 just put the value of g here so you will get work done by cheating is equals to minus so16 29.8 will be 588 plus 2.4 so it will be equals to negative of 585

simple so this will be our answer now you can see the question again this was our question and we wanted to find out the work done by the Chain and you can see we found the work done 5.6

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