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Class 11






Laws Of Motion


A block has been placed on an ...

Updated On: 27-06-2022

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` sin theta`` cos theta` zero` tan theta`

Answer : C
Solution : ( c) Force of friction is zero. Only contact force is normal reaction which is mg cos theta.

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petition is a block has been placed on any client in the slope angle of theta of the plane is placed on the plane at a constant speed of efficient of kinetic is equal to 16 year question series in plenty and on this increment in there is a box plastic even as its mass M now we can change your block is sliding down at constant speed acceleration is zero in this case we can see next vacancy in ecosystem and its perpendicular to a line and normal acts in a potential sources the body movie download with constant speed test act in opposite direction of direction dependencies in Jin sin theta and subtraction is new into

which is equal to our MG into we have here as sin theta and normal is even here as MG into cos of which is equal to MG into Sin of ticket cancel the coefficient of kinetic friction which is equal to you can find cos theta is equal to option option is the correct answer 4 in our answer

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