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Class 12






Dynamics Of A Particle


A block A of mass 4 kg is plac...

Updated On: 27-06-2022

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Text Solution

(a)15 N(b)25 N(c)27 N(d)48 N

Answer : A
Solution : <img src="" width="80%"> <br> `a_("system") = (12)/(9) =(4)/(3) m//s^(2)` <br> `implies f_(1) = mu 4 g = 5 xx (4)/(3) implies mu = (1)/(6)` <br> `f_("max", 5kh) = (m_(A) + m_(B)) mu g = 9 xx (1)/(6) xx 10 = 15 N`

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hello students should your question is a block a of mass 4 Kg is placed on another block of mass 5 kg and the block rests be rest on the smooth horizontal table for the cylinder block a on b a horizontal force of 12 newton is required to be applied on a how much maximum force can be applied on the so that both A and B together also find out the acceleration produced by the this force a b c d option is given here so we have to find which option is correct air so the solution of this question is firstly we can draw the diagram for it to understand it better so this is our box and this is M1 and M2 hair so this is a block hair with mask and this is B Block and we have the air force is here and this is our smooth surface air original surface and that is table here so

from this we can write a mass of a is 4 kg and mass of 2.5 kg so M1 is for hair and M2 is 5 so force applied on the a is f is equals to force is equal to 12 Newton given to us and we have the this must be equals to kinetic energy friction applied on a at be so we can write our friction force is equal to fk that is kinetic force Protection Force so this is UK that is static friction into are so from this we can write your other state election ke is mm1 ji here that is mass into gravity so from this we can ride a f k

friction and kinetic energy friction force is equal to UK and this is 4G here so from this we can write a new case friction force and this is divided by 4 ji so from this weekend friction forces to an / 4G 3G Hai from this we get this is 3 / near 3 / and S block B zone smooth surface so therefore A and B move together so force applied on b is equal to friction force applied by be so we can say that our true force so that they move together so this is 3 / and mass oneplus

months to this is 4 + 5 this this is equals to g&g will cancel out here and we guess we get force is equal to 20 7 Newton hair so this is our answer now we check which option is correct options is correct year thank you

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