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Class 11






Laws Of Motion


A block A of mass 4 kg is plac...

Updated On: 20-06-2022

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Solution : Let `mu` be friction coefficent between A and B. A 12 N force of A is rquired for slipping so <br> `mu m_(A)g=12 implies mu =0.3` <br> maximum force `(F_(B))` applied on B so that A and B move together. <br> `F_(B)=(m_(A)+m_(B)) a` <br> where a `=mug implies F_(B)=(m_(a)+m_(B))mug=(4+5)(0.3)(10)=27N`

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question is a block a of mass 4 Kg is placed on another from B of mass 5 kg and the Block with rest on a smooth horizontal table for sliding lock a central force of 12 newton is equal to be applied on how much maximum dose can be applied on 20 so that both A and B together find out acceleration produced by this post so in the question is given that block of mass 4 Kg is placed on another block of mass 5 kg so this is our block B of mass even here as 5 kg at rest on a smooth horizontal table that is there is no friction between company and its ground can be applied on each other after 12th to be applied on a show

12 newton is applied on Eid so that sliding between A and B are not efficient between a and b is so we can see that they are to move together so in that game is friction can be equal to 12 Newton so efficient and turn out as which is equal to 2 into your in in this case it is the normal reaction on from which is equal to MG which is equal to 40 this is our 48 intensive new into any which is 40 so Mu contact lenses 0.3 the second is forces to be applied on 5th Block can see mine mass is given as my which is the force acting on

so that the system and acceleration in this case we can see hear this force on B will be equal to nine times this line is calculated as 24 Block A and B initially we can see your blog and similarly groupby and the force table is now acting on Nobi present which is equal to FB and we say you are both are moving with same acceleration and in this case we can see your pseudo force on 4kg and backwards so this is 4 and 5 kg pseudo force at backwards which is equal to given point A and B can say girl description involved in this case will be equal to the limiting friction which is equal to 12

say my name lyrics in Newton's third law of action reaction description of 12 will be acting in the backward direction of the equation 4812 acceleration consultancy this comes out as it building 5 into 3 plus 12 which is equal to 15 + 1227 new song 2017 force applied on these together also find acceleration produced by the scores and acceleration produced by this course is 3 metre per second square transfer

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