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A beam of alpha paricles is incident on a target of lead. A particular alpha paticles comes in 'head- on' to a particular lead nucleus and stops `6.50 xx 10^(-14) m` away from the center of the nucleus. (This point is well outside the nucleus.) Assume that the lead nucleus, which has 82 protons, remains at rest. The mass of alpha particle is `6.64 xx 10^(-27)kg` <br> What initial kinetic energy (in joule and in MeV)did the alpha particle have?

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Apply conservation of energy: `K_(1) +U_(1)=K_(2)+U_(2)` <br> Let point (1) be the initial position of the alpha particle and point 2 be where the alpha particle momentarily comews to rest. Alpha particle is initially far from the lead nucleus implies `r_(1) ~~ infty` and `U_(1)=0`. Alpha particle stops implies `K_(2)=0`. Consevation of energy thus says <br> `K_1=U_2=5.82 xx10^(-13)J=3.63 MeV`


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hello everyone so we're given with the question which there is a beam of Alpha particle is incident on a target of lead a particular Alpha particle comes in on in head-on to particular let nucleus and stop at a distance of 6.5 10 raise to minus 40 metre away from the centre of nucleus this point is well outside the nucleus as you that the nucleus has 82 proton and remains at rest mass of Alpha particle is given as 6.64 10 raise to minus 7 27 kg have been asked to calculate initial kinetic energy in joules and in Mega electron volt what kind what initial kinetic energy in joule and ml models Alpha particle have so let's begin so here it is the case that we have a nuclear Alpha

nuclear that is of lead PB and an Alpha particle is colliding it with head on just at this and it comes till the nucleus of lead and top college for this distance is been given other 6.5 10 raise to minus 14 alright and these are this is the condition that is being given an initially the light particle is at rest so we have to calculate the initial kinetic energy of Alpha particle so this is just the case of closest approach are between the two charges we can save in this case we can apply energy conservation so we can write by energy

conservation this problem can be installed easily by using energy conservation and the electrostatic potential energy concept we can say so we can write a potential energy initial plus kinetic energy initial that could be equal to potential energy final + kinetic energy final alright if you have a careful look so let's it's nothing been mentioned about the from where the Alpha particle is coming so we can I will consider it to be coming from path distance so its potential energy will become zero and in this case since the kinetic energy of Alpha particle will be provided as aap let suppose it is moving with velocity V so we can write today

aap MB square or just for the just as we have to find this value only so we will keep it as it is that is Canadian Aji initial and since it says finally as the alphabetical reaches this point it's velocity becomes zero having some velocity now at reaching the distance that is closest approach is velocity final velocity becomes zero for this time will also get cancelled out and final potential energy that will be observed by the Alpha particle can be given as a Q1 Q2 bi R square where Rs 6.5 10 raise to minus 14 ft can solve this value we will we can easily get the value of initial kinetic energy so that we can achieve an ear is let's suppose that charge dad wallpaper

girl and cute you will be charged carried by the nucleus of LED light let substitute the value of we know the value of a it is 9 to 10 years 29 into the value of human that is charge carried by Alpha particle is Binu particle has two protons with it so any skirt and carries a charge of 1.6 standard to minus 19 coulomb into latest -19 into that is since it's been given that night nucleus has 82 Proton charge carried by this will be a tea to INR to 1.6 into 10 raise to minus of 19 and the whole thing for the whole thing / Rs been given point

10 raise to minus of War 3 M solving this value given that the answer as 581 point 3 into 10 raise to minus 15 June this is the kinetic energy value we are getting so in terms of Joule the value will be private 1.31 10 raise to minus 15 now as the options are given year does not match with the answer we are getting so let's also calculated value in ml convert one that we have to / a 1.6 Standard 2 - 19 so this value can be done as / 10 / 1.6 10 raise to minus 19 feet become standard 24 elect

V solving are just value we will get 360 3.32 into 10 raise to 4 electron volt have to calculate in Mega electron volt so let's righted as 3.63 into 10 raise to 6 electron volt or it can be written as 3.3 Mega electron volt in Mega electron volt answer matching is option C I hope you have understood the concept and thank you for watching

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