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Jee Mains 2020


A bead of mass m stays at poin...

A bead of mass m stays at point P (a,b) on a wire bent in the shape of a parabola `y =4 Cx^(2)` and rotating with angular speed `omega` (see figure ) . The value of `omega` is (neglect friction), <br> <img src="" width="80%">

Updated On: 27-06-2022


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hello Ravana Veer of mass M stay at point P on wire bent in the form of parabola you can see the equation rotating with an angular speed Omega to find out the value of Omega here to see this is the diagram rate and the particle is rotated in this parable polar the particle will be acted by a centrifugal force if you see from the frame of this parabola it so centrifugal force will act in this direction and developed in this and if I say this is MG acting in this direction and I'm omega square that is the centrifugal force is acting in this direction and a few ideas in which it is performing the circular motions of the radius hair is it you can see it is a square with the centrifugal

force if you draw a tangent here you can see along the this Ko right along the stands and there is no net 46835 write this angle theta that is the angle made by the tangent with the horizontal theta take you can see all ATI along this via there is no need for so I will omega square A cos theta is equals to know this angle is 90 angle will be 90 minus theta so I will MG sin theta so you could cancel out this and then you will get omega square A by g is equal to tan theta rate now you can see this is the tan theta and you can see your DY by DX is equal to the slope that is tan

theta stand by DY by DX that is equal to this and this is the why as a function of x y will write a y equals to 4 cm square to DY by DX will be 82 we want the device that uses put the value of x equals to a then you will get it 8A just put it here at a request to a is calculated already 8cs just put it omega square A by ji so this will get cancelled out and

you get omega square is equals to 8 3 into 3 and if you take under root you will get the Omega under root 8 CD which is 22 CD and this will be your answer so you can see b is the correct simple thank you

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