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Class 12






Laws Of Motion


A ball of mass 3kg moving with...

Updated On: 27-06-2022

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`1500sqrt(3)N`1500 N`300sqrt(3) N`300 N

Answer : A

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and questioning A ball of mass 3 kg moving with a speed of hundred metre per second strikes a wall at an angle 60 degree the ball rebounds at the same speed and remains in contact with the wall 40.2 second the force exerted by the ball on the by the ball on the wall is let's play the ball which is going in this direction and it is right after that it will go in this direction the moment I'm at this value at this place will be angry and there is also a bi how we can resolve this Momentum in component component is one component is and B Cos 60 will be in the selection and hear it will

also and because it is clear that the initial and final Momentum is in same direction so there is no change in momentum at this path but in this case if you are taking perpendicular to the wall then due to this it will be like this control then it will be MD sign 60 and due to this the component of this Momentum will be in this election which will be m v sin 60 so we can calculate the change in momentum that is Greater the change in momentum we are taking positive direction in this direction

then the negative will be in this direction so we can write that it will be MV sin 60 minus minus and be 60 so it will be to MB 60 and we can put the value of scientist can't tell Taki will be equal to 2 MB and 2352 which will be equal to root 3 and b and we can find the force as we know that force app in the rate of change of momentum that is Delta p y and interfere is root 3 MB and time that is she now we can put the values as

roopshree will be root 3 and mass which is given 3 kg and its speed is hundred metre per second so it will be 200 metre per second divided by X is 0.2 so we can simplify this it will be 500 so we can write that it will be 1500 root 3 Newton show the force Hindi 1500 23 Newton that is option is correct

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